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Clara Comer

In Memory of Clara Comer.

One more easy chair is vacant,
One more green grave holds a prize,
One more home has lost a treasure,
One more angel hath the skies.

But 'tis hard to lose the darling;
Hard to give thee to the tomb;
And our hearts are sad and lonely,
While our home is filled with gloom.

Can we say "tis thee," our father?
Can we calmly give her up?
Must we learn the bitter lesson?
Can we drink the dreaded cup?

Yes, 'tis well, since he hath called thee
From a world of sin and pain;
And when life with us has ended
We may hope to meet again.

Yes, again we will meet our dear one
In the land beyond the blue,
Where no storms of earth can gather
She will live her life anew.

Father, Mother, long will miss thee;
Brother, Sister, drop a tear,
When at eve they cross the threshold
And behold no Clara near.

And the friends who long hath loved thee,
Oft will grieve that thou art gone,
In their past time they will miss thee,
Miss thy smiles and loving tones.

Softly, reverently, slowly,
Set the vacant bed away,
Useless now its downy whiteness,
Clara rests with God to-day.

Fold your empty arms, sad mother,
O'er your lonely grief wrung breat,
Jesus holds the life you nourished
In his arms sweet place of rest.

Whilst her spotless soul grew fairer,
Neath your gentle loving care,
Heaven was weaving crowns of glory
For your Clara's brow and hair.

Put away each love-wrought garments
Fold her sleeping-robe from sight,
Lest thy lips refuse to utter
Fervently "Thy will," to-night.

Storms may gather 'round thy dwelling
but cannot disturb thy rest,
For the soul we loved immortal
Is with angels and the blest.

Tenderly we loved our Clara
Though on earth we meet no more,
While we stand this side the river
She has gained the heavenly shore.

Now farewell, we'll not forget thee,
Thou on earth we meet no more,
To our hearts we hope to press thee
In the bright forever more.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: October 26, 1882
Volume Number: 26
Issue Number: 43
Page: 5
Column(s): 5

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