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Nels Cherdahl

In Which Nels Cherdahl is Fatally Wounded and Rev. Doureen is Seriously Injured.
The Two Men Run Into by a B. & O. Limited Sunday Evening Near Millers Station.

Last Sunday evening at 6 o'clock a shocking accident happened at the first road crossing east of Millers station over the Baltimore & Ohio railroad, in which Nels Cherdahl was fatally wounded, and pastor Doureen, of Baillytown, was seriously injured.

Pastor Doureen preaches at Millers one Sunday each month, and was on duty last month. At the conclusion of the services he got in Mr. Cherdahl's buggy to ride with that gentleman to his house between Millers Station and Lake to straighten up some collection matters. Just as the two men were driving on the B. & O. track the minister saw a light and cried "a train." Hardly had the words passed his mouth before the crash came. The east bound limited had struck the rig fairly in the middle. Cherdahl was sitting on the right hand side of the buggy and next to the engine, while Rev. Doureen sat on the left side. Cherdahl got the direct blow and acted as a cushion for the minister. Both men were thrown about 20 feet, and were picked up unconscious by the train crew. The limited backed down to Millers with the injured men and left them in care of the agent. A physician was sent out from South Chicago, and one drove over from Hobart. Examination revealed the fact that Cherdahl had sustained fatal internal injuries. Rev. Doureen had a severe scalp wound and the lower half of his right ear torn off. His right leg was severely bruised, and his right side badly wrenched.

Cherdahl was taken to his home near by, and until this writing, has been lying at the point of death. His physicians say he cannot recover, and his death is hourly expected.

Rev. Doureen was brought home on the 10 o'clock Lake Shore train. His escape from death is almost miraculous, for it does not seem possible that any person could pass through what he did and survive. He has been resting comparatively easy this week, and is now out of danger. It will be sopme weeks before he will be able to resume his pastoral duties, but there are no fears of his death.

Mr. Cherdahl is an old settler, between 50 and 60 years old, who has lived on his little farm between Lake and Millers for many years. He has a wife but no children. He has adopted children, however, whom he raised.

[Note: The December 12, 1896, issue of The Westchester Tribune states "Rev. Doureen, who was so severely injured in an accident of the B. & O. railroad two weeks ago, was so far recovered Wednesday as to be able to walk around the house. Mr. Cherdahl, who was with him at the time of the accident, and who was thought to be injured beyond recover, is also improving and will recover. Their many friends will be pleased to learn this good news. They both had narrow escapes from a horrible death.]

Newspaper: The Westchester Tribune
Date of Publication: November 28, 1896
Volume Number: 13
Issue Number: 32
Page: 1
Column(s): 5

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