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Thomas Carver

Death of Thomas Carver.
A 8 o'clock on Monday morning, February 18th, aged 39 years, Thomas Carver breathed his last, surrounded by his sorrowing friends, and fortified by all the consolation which the Catholic Church affords to her dying members. He had been sick of lung fever only about two weeks, but from the first few days the disease seemed to take such hold of him that, at an early stage, fears were entertained about his recovery.

Thomas Carver was born near Kanturk, Cork county, Ireland, his family being one of the most respectable in that neighborhood.

At an early age he in company with one of his brothers immigrated to the United States to seek an independent livelihood, and enjoy the blessings of liberty which the oppressions of a tyrannous government deprived him of at home. Like most of his countrymen who immigrated at that time, he confined himself almost exclusively to railroad work, and the hardships endured in such business none could imagine, except those who have gone through the same themselves. Mr. Carver came to Valparaiso almost 21 years ago, and except when off attending to contracts, which he and his brothers worked conjointly, has lived here ever since. He was just beginning to enjoy the fruits of a life of honest labor, he in conjunction with his brother having purchased a large farm where, had he been spared, he might spend his life in comparative ease. . . ."An honest man is the noblest work of God." Of few men could this be said with more truth than of Tom Carver. Though not possessing many of those attainments which the world prizes, he was the possessor of qualities far more precious to the true Christian -- sterling honesty, sound morality -- and was always a man of his word, which, indeed, is characteristic of all his family. The lessons of religion and virtue which he learned at his mothers' knee he never forgot, and never too did he cease to hope for the freedom and prosperity of his native land.

His funeral service took place in St. Paul's Church, where a Requiem Mass was celebrated for the repose of his soul, where, during the course of the sermon, Father O'Reilly paid an excellent tribute to the memory of the deceased. His remains were followed to the cemetery by one of the largest funeral processions we have ever seen in America.

R. I. P.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: February 21, 1878
Volume Number: 22
Issue Number: 8
Page: 3
Column(s): 5

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