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Cashie Campbell

In Memory of Mrs. Cashie Campbell nee Cashie Abel.

Only a short year ago two beautiful and happy sisters gladdened the hearts and home of their parents. They had been the special care and pride of their mother throughout their school days. Both were kind and intelligent and stood high in the esteem of their teachers and school associates. Both graduated from Valparaiso High School. Last summer after untold suffering, borne with a heroism seldom equalled, the youngest sister died. The entire community sympathized deeply with the bereaved parents and friends. A few months ago the older sister, Cashie, was married to Walter Campbell, of Ashland, Ohio. How rapidly the weeks sped by, and how happy the newly married couple in their pleasant home! Surrounded with all those comforts that combine to render living a constant joy, Cashie seemed just ready for life when suddenly she became very sick, and her friends were summoned to her bed-side. All that love and skill could suggest was done but without avail. It was soon found that she too must die. She fully realized her danger and was conscious to the last. She conversed with her friends on the subject of death, saying, among other things, "That though she was young and had much to live for, her sister Effie had died -- had met death as a brave girl should -- and she could do so too." The March storms were blowing, and looking out at window she said: "It seems hard to be put under the damp earth and have the cold winds blowing over me." -- "Though the eath is beautiful, Heaven is best of all." And at the last she exclaims: "O, God, how grand! Walter, do not call me back, the Heavenly Father is waiting for me, and I'm going to see Effie. Meet me in Heaven." These were her last words.

She died March 12th, 1883, at her husband's home in Ashland, O. Though her friends were very desirous of having her remains brought here for interment, her husband would not consent, and her funeral and burial took place in Ohio. The great consolation to these bereaved parents and friends is found in the memory that these two girls were pure in life and character and both died with unwavering religious faith in the Savior. They died the death of the Christian and have gone to the Christian's reward.

Cashie Abel was a young woman of rare qualities. With a natually fine mind and quick apprehension she acquired knowledge of things and of books with great celerity. Her moral sensibilities were acute, and her keen appreciation of the right, the good and the beautiful, has often been remarked by those who knew her best. While in her school life she was always a faithful and conscious student, winning the love and respect of her school-mates and tachers. By them her memory will be sacredly cherished, and her qualities of mind and heart ever commended. She was an honored member of the High School Class of '79, and her graduating essay was noted for its depth of thought and high moral tone. She was so aimable, so generous, so intelligent -- that from our point of view it seems to use she could ill be spared.

But grim Death is no respecter of persons or conditions. Often those who seem best fitted for enjoyment and usefulness in this world are stricken down and hastened into the Beyond. When death bears away one so dear, not only the immediate friends feel the loss but neighbors and acquaintances unite in expression of sadness and sympathy.

"Up that shining path, with angel convoy, the spirit has gone away, away to the very gates of pearl -- to the "peace like a river" and the rest of God. -- Com.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: April 26, 1883
Volume Number: 27
Issue Number: 17
Page: 1
Column(s): 6

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