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Thomas Bushore

Thomas Bushore, sr., a well-known and highly respected citizen of Union township, departed this life at the family residence four miles west of Valparaiso on Wednesday, June 15, at the age of 72 years. The funeral was held Friday, June 17, services being conducted at St. Paul's church, Valparaiso, by Rev. John Dempsey, and the remains interred in the Valparaiso Catholic cemetery.

Deceased was born in Lower Canada in the year 1820, and was married to Julia Ann Dumass in Clinton county, New York, in 1847. Soon after he emigrated to Porter county, with nothing but a noble wife and his honest, willing hands and took up his home in the then wilderness of Union township. The young couple built a house from the trees surrounding them, and hewed out of the limbs their furniture. They bought the land on time and very cheap, but it could not be tilled until the heavy forest on it was felled and the stumps removed. Few men of our day would undertake the herculean task, but the pioneers of 1830 were men who knew no such word as fail. Year by year the timber yielded to his axe, and it was not until 1872 that they could consider themselves "out of the woods." By perseverance, toil and honesty, the two raised a family and accumulated a comfortable fortune. Five children came to their home, but two died. The three surviving children are all married, except Thomas jr., whose wife died a short time ago. There were two sons, Stephen and Thomas, and one daughter, Sophia, who is the wife of C. F. Pearce. All are settled on or around the family homestead.

Thomas Bushore was not a noisy man. He was singularly dometic. His devotion to his wife and her devotion to him was always noted. They were lovers always. His word was never questioned by those who knew him, and he was as free from guile as a child. He was always a firm christian and never neglected his religious duties. His calm and peaceful death-bed, surrounded as it was by grieving loved ones, where suffering and anguish was not, was a fitting place for him to bid adieu to earth, and join his Maker in the Great Beyond.

The funeral was one of the largest held in Porter county for years, and the genuine sorrow manifested at the grave was touching in the extreme. The aged wife, herself in poor health, has the heartfelt sympathy of all, and her only consolation can be that it will only be a little while when she can follow her loved ones.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: June 24, 1892
Volume Number: 9
Issue Number: 11
Page: 4
Column(s): 4

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