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Levi Brundage

For the Observer.
Written by Levi Brundage, two weeks before his death.

Just as the morning flower is nipped,
Besprinkled by the morning dew;
The life of an Ephemera
To mortals here on earth is given.

The time that's given to us praise,
Our lovely God that saints adore,
We're idly passing all our days,
Poor sinners on this hopeless shore.

As time so swift is rolling on,
That wiats for neither rich or poor,
It once must bring a judgment day,
That's hard for sinner's to ignore.

The following were written by Elijah Brundage after the death of his son Levi.

I mourn for thee my loving son,
Yet chide myself for weeping;
With thee life's fitful race is run,
And thou art calmly sleeping.
Thy mortal frame is changed to dust,
Thy spirit mingled with the just.

Beside thy low and earthly bed,
Where silver moonbeams play,
Thy brothers slumber with the dead,
Amid their kindred clay.
In blissful climes to faith's clear eye,
They put on immortality.

How oft I raised a tearful eye,
At twilight's gloomy hour,
To those bright worlds that light the sky.
And asked directing power,
To guide me to that power above,
To meet in joy the souls I love.

And while the pilgrim's race I run,
Oppressed with clueless grief;
Perhaps the spirit of my son
May come to my relief;
May my appointed guardian be,
And whisper Heavenly peace to me.

With thoughts like these I strive to still,
The anguish of my heart,
And bow submission to his will,
Whose mandate bade us part,
In vain; to memory will arise
Thy wasting form thy beaming eyes.

The aching mind will soon retrace,
In melancholy thought;
The calm pale sweetness of thy face.
So full of meaning frought;
Still see thee in my last dread hour,
Slain by hectic's withering power.

Ye who have mourned a child so blessed,
With rarest gifts of heaven;
Ye who have known the tortured beast,
By sorrow keenly riven.
Adore in meekness, kiss thy rod,
Thy child may lead thee to thy God.

[Note: This death notice is repeated in the February 7, 1852, issue of the Practical Observer - Volume 1, Number 6, Page 3, Column 3.]

Newspaper: Practical Observer
Date of Publication: February 3, 1853
Volume Number: 1
Issue Number: 5
Page: 3
Column(s): 3

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