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Conrad Brown

Conrad Brown beheaded by a Grand Trunk Switch Engine.

One of those horrible and heart sickening casualties occurred on the Grand Trunk road in this city this (Saturday) morning a few minutes before 8 o'clock.

Conrad Brown, aged about 55 years, an old resident here, a brother of Geo. Brown, the miller, and father of Mrs. Frank LePell, was the unfortunate person. He has been employed by the Grand Trunk road for a number of years past. In fact, he had grown old in the company's service, and lately roadmaster William Segerdahl gave him employment at a lighter class of work. At the time of his death he was acting in the capacity of helper in the blacksmith shop. That morning he and two others were removing switch rods from the old shop on the north side of the tracks to the new shop on the south side, just east of the freight house. They were crossing the track with some rods when Brown was run down and killed by a switch engine, manned by John Erchman, engineer, and Edward Long, fireman.

The engine was going from the west to the east end of the yards and was running at quite a lively speed, using one of the side tracks. The fireman saw the men walking toward the track and rang the bell to warn them, to which they did not pay any attention of even look around. He requested the engineer to whistle, which he did, and this signal they seemingly did not appear to notice. When the engineer sounded the whistle he supposed he was doing so to warn two students who were standing upon the tracks further on, and did not see or know that Brown or his companions were near the track until he saw a hat and the switch rods flying in front of the engine. Brown was caught upon the center of the track, knocked down, his head falling across the south rail and was completely severed from the body. The body was horribly mangled, an arm and leg being nearly cut off and rolled and dragged beneath the engine about sixty feet before the locomotive could be stopped. The head and body were carried into the freight house where Undertaker Arnold took charge of them, and Coroner Coates held an inquest.

Joseph Truedell, one of the workmen, was struck by the engine but not hurt. One more step and he would have suffered the fate of Brown or been seriously injured. About three months ago Brown was induced to take out an accident and life policy in the company's association for $1,000 in favor of his wife, permitting the company to retain from his earnings each month $2.50 until the policy was paid up, and as he stepped from the pay car he seemed to think that his money had been squandered, and declared that it would be the last cent expended in that manner.
-- Valparaiso Star

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: April 25, 1889
Volume Number: 6
Issue Number: 2
Page: 1
Column(s): 4

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