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Anna S. Brown

Shakes off this Mortal Coil and Takes a Trip on the Morphine Route.
From Wednesday Edition.]

Mrs. Anna S. Brown came to Valparaiso nearly three years ago. She came from Gloversville, N. Y., stopped three days at Chicago and came directly from there to Valparaiso where she has lived ever since.

Shortly before 9 o'clock yesterday morning Dr. Newland was summoned to her residence at the southeast cor. of Institute and Morgan streets, and went immediately, but she was dead upon his arrival. Dorsey Salyer who was there gave it as his opinion that she died from effects of morphine self-administered. The coroner was immediately summoned and about noon held an inquest.

Dr. Newland testified that he had treated the woman for a long time, but knew nothing of the illness that caused her death. He had treated her for a loathsome disease.

Harry Brown, her little son, could give no definite information. Was awakened in the morning by Salyer and told to go quickly for Dr. Newland. His mother was dead upon his return.

Dorsey Salyer testified that he had known the deceased for over a year. About 2 o'clock of the afternoon preceding the day of her death he was at her house. She went out of the room and presently returned and said; "I'll not trouble you any longer." Upon being asked what she meant, she said she had taken morphine. As she had made these threats before, little attention was paid to them. About 2 o'clock during that night she was taken with convulsions. The witness was sent for and came. As she had been known to have spasms before he did little else other than bathe her head until she became quiet. He suspicioned nothing wrong and retired to another room and laid down on a couch and went to sleep. It was late in the morning when he awoke and he went to her bedside at once. She was unconscious and breating heavily. It was then that he became alarmed and sent for the doctor.

Coroner Letherman and Dr. Newland then held a post mortem examination and while no morphine was found it traces were very evident. This was regarded as natural as so long a time had elapsed since the drug was taken that it had probably passed out of the stomach. A verdict was rendered to the effect that the deceased came to her death from the effects of morphine administered by her own hands. The morphine was purchased Sunday night at a city drug store.

About 6 o'clock Monday evening, when she came out for her milk, Lohr, the milk man, noticed her face was flushed and her eyes were glassy, and asked if she had been drinking. She replied, "No, I have neither money, friends nor character, and have taken poison. I don't want to live any longer." Lohr supposed she was not in earnest and drove away.

A few days ago an advertisement appeared in the Vidette offering a silk dress for sale at the Chicago store. She was the author of the advertisement but evidently changed her mind after advertising, as the dress was not left at the store.

Last winter an appeal was made to a private citizen for aid signed by her name. The appeal said she was out of money and work and must have aid. It was referred to the township trustee who refused to act upon it as it evidently was written by a man.

The deceased never said why she left her home in New York or whether her husband was dead or living. Yesterday the coroner took an inventory of her effects. Not a cent of money was found and a gold watch and chain which her little boy said was in a bureau drawer missing. The furniture was in the main good and she had had a number of really fine dresses among which was the one advertised. Her property was turned over to the township trustee who will after the undertaker is paid turn over the balance to the boy's guardian. From all her surroundings, her manner, and the furniture and dresses she had once lived in good circumstances. Telegrams have been sent to various parts of New York from addresses found in her papers to ascertain if she has relatives who care to know of her death. The funeral will probably not take place until to-morrow.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: August 6, 1885
Volume Number: 29
Issue Number: 32
Page: 4
Column(s): 3

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