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Elizabeth Blachly

Twinklings From The Star.
Elizabeth Blachly, aged 82 years, died at the County House Saturday and was buried yesterday. Mrs. Blachly's history, as related to us, may be of interest to our readers, but more especially to those who came to Valparaiso in the early day. Mrs. Blachly and her husband, Dr. Miller Blachly, were among the earliest settlers of Valparaiso. For years he enjoyed a large practive and his family was among the most prominent and prosperous in the county. In the spring of 1853 Mrs. Blachly was taken with a serious and lingering illness. During Mrs. Blachly's sickness her husband became infatuated with the charms of the family domestic and while Mrs. Blachly was still prostrated Blachly and the domestic disappeared. It was learned later that the two were in Nebraska, where they resided as husband and wife until his death, which occurred about five years ago. The wronged wife recovered from her illness but the flight of her husband so preyed upon her mind that she became deranged, and in July, 1854, she was sent to the asylum. She was discharged from the asylum and returned to Valparaiso. During her confinement in the asylum an administrator was appointed to her estate. The property was converted into cash amounting to several thousand dollars. This she was permitted to spend as she desired, and in a few months her money was squandered. Being homeless and penniless she became an inmate of the County House, where she remained continuously until her death.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: November 27, 1891
Volume Number: 8
Issue Number: 33
Page: 8
Column(s): 5

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