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Fredrick Bertholod

Instantly Killed.
From Friday's edition.

Patrick Tulahan shot and instantly killed Fredrick Bertholod at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Both men came from Chicago to work on St. Paul's new Church, Tulahan as a galvanized iron worker and Bertholod, or "Texas," as he was familiarly known, as a slater. They were in the employ of the contractors, Townsend and Riddle, of Chicago. The shooting took place in a shed used by the galvanized iron men directly across the street from the new church building. The deceased had not worked in the forenoon and had been drinking rather heavily. When Tulahan went to dinner he met Betholod in an up town saloon. The latter was quarrelsome and noisy and from an attempt by the former to pacify him they got into a quarrel. They were separated, but in a short time Bertholod renewed the quarrel. In the scuffle Tulahan was thrown down and while lying on the floor he was struck twice by his antagonist with an iron poker, and was only saved from having his skull smashed by the bar-keeper turning a third blow one side. Again the men were separated, but Bertholod was heard by several parties to say that he would yet take Tulahan's life. Tulahan went to work after dinner, and shortly afterwards Bertholod went towards to the church. Mr. McLane, the foreman of the galvanized iron men, saw the deceased pick up a large club and go towards the shed but he was pushed aside, Bertholod saying that he would kill the s--- of a b---. Lynch, another of the galvanized iron men also attempted to precent the deceased from entering the shed, but was unsuccessful. In his evidence at the coroner's inquest McLane swore that after Bertholod entered the shed he heard Tulahan call out twice, "keep back, keep back," and then heard a shot, while Lynch, who was in the shed, heard Tulahan tell Bertholod that he had better keep back, but the latter not doing so, and raising the club which he carried in his hand, Tulahan drew a revolver and fired. Bertholod feel and though he lived for five minutes after being shot he never spoke. As soon as Tulahan saw that he was dead he ran off and so far the officers have been unsuccessful in their search for him. Excitement ran high over the matter for a while through the town, but as the people began to learn the facts in the case, they justify Tulahan on the ground of self-defense. Both men were unknown here. They lived in Chicago.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: November 12, 1885
Volume Number: 29
Issue Number: 46
Page: 7
Column(s): 2

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