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Catharine Baum

For the Vidette.
Lines to the family of the late Mrs. Jesse Baum, who died at her home on Morgan Prairie, Dec. 13th, 1880, aged 47 years.

Sadly and painfully now,
The work of the household is done,
For she who led in the tasks of the day,
To the tomb and its silence has gone.
Cover the face that motionless lies,
A face marked with signs of decay,
Shut from the blue of the glorious skies,
Soon to moulder in the silent grave.

Fold the dear hands that are lying untied,
Hands of your mother in infancy thrown,
Crossed on her bosom and laid by her side,
Hands to you husband, clasped closed in your own
Still is the heart that has beaten so high,
Heart glowing with friendship and love,
Beaten with hopes that were doomed to die,
Now her freed soul has gone soaring above.

You know that you dear mother is dead,
The coffin has been borne from the door,
You have stood by a wide open grave,
And your hearts with their throbbings are sore.
Around you have gathered dear friends,
To whisper kinds words in your ear,
But awake to the gloom and your loss,
All dimly and sadly you hear.

The sound of the earth as it falls,
To close the sad room of your dead,
It falls on the heart as the footprints of doom,
With a feeling of terror and dread.
And a gloom yet abides in the house,
Its presence you cannot dispel,
It weighs on your hearts in your dreams,
And comes in the morning as well.

And startled and grieved every hour,
As you look on the tokens of love,
The work of the hands that are gone,
How like one in a trance you must move.
No smiling face now in the morn,
No touch of a hand on your brow,
Your motherless children all cling to you,
You must comfort and care for them now.

You must plan for the broken household now,
For the little ones left in your care,
You must finish the work left undone,
And wait for the drawing of day.
A day which will bring to your heart,
No shadow or sorrow of gloom,
Where the blanks of your life will be filled,
And love with parting shall bloom.

Valparaiso, Ind., Jan. 1st, 1881.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: January 13, 1881
Volume Number: 25
Issue Number: 2
Page: 1
Column(s): 2

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