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Alvin Bartholomew

Friday afternoon about 3:30, the fire bells rang. The echo of the wild alarm had scarcely died away when the firemen were on the street and on their way to the scene of the destroying element. The flames were ex-Mayor A. D. Bartholomew's barn, and the building was partly consumed before the hose compiling was effected and the water was turned on. The firemen worked with a will and exerted every energy but saw the building could not be saved. The roof had fallen in, the hay in the loft was one mass of lurid embers. On this the hose was turned and the burning, cracking floor was partly flooded. During all this time no one dreamed that any human being had been consumed. Gus Marquardt saw something fall from the barn loft. He entered the burning enclosure and rescued the crisp and charred remains of what proved to be little Alvison, Mr. Bartholomew's youngest boy, a child three years old. Now ensued a scene that was heartrending and defies description. A wave of anguish seemed to sweep over the crowd while some gave vent to their mental anguish by shrieks and sceams. The arms and legs had been burned off and nothing remained of the sweet little child but the charred and blackened body. When Mr. Batholomew was informed of the calamity his cheek blanched and he sank in a chair exhausted and powerless. Mrs. Bartholomew was away visiting and when informed of the fate of her child was frantic with grief, and for some time refused to be comforted. The theory of the origin of the fire is that the little fellow and his playmate Marshall Sayles set the hay on fire; Sayles making his escape, while little Alvin, perhaps blinded by the smoke, suffocated and was dead before the fire was discovered. The blow on Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew is a fearful one, and they have the sincere sympathy of the community in their bereavement.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: June 27, 1889
Volume Number: 6
Issue Number: 11
Page: 1
Column(s): 4

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