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Benton Barrett

The Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway adds another Victim to its Death Roll.

Word was received here last Sunday night that a man had been killed at Dune Park by a west-bound freight on the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern R. R. J. B. Lumburg brought the remains of the ill-fated victim to Chesterton, Monday morning, where they lay in his undertaking apartments until afternoon, awaiting the arrival of the coroner. Coroner Ketcham arrived at 3 o'clock and held a post mortem. The train crew were all present and were duly examined by the coroner.

Engineer Hontz was the first to be examined, and told the following story: "I was going my usual run with a freight, from Elkhart to Englewood, and when nearing Dune Park discovered a man standing on the south track, probably two hundred feet ahead of my engine. I instantly blew the whistle and applied the brakes of my engine, the fireman was ringing the bell, but all the noise did not seem to attract his attention. He stood perfectly quiet and seemed to be looking at a passenger train, which was at that time passing on the north track. I do not think he saw the engine which I was running before it struck him." The rest of the crew were then examined but it developed nothing new, as their stories corroborated that of the engineer.

The only clue to his identity was obtained from the laundry stamp on his shirt, and an envelope found in his pocket bore the name of B. Barrett. He was about thrity years old, well dressed, and had the appearance of a man who has not been doing any hard physical labor.

The body presented a ghastly sight: the skull being divided into two equal parts, one arm fractured near the elbow, and one leg crushed nearly off.

It is thought probable that Barrett had alighted from the east-bound passenger train and while watching it pull out from the station did not see the train approaching on the other track which hurled him into eternity.

The remains of the unfortunate man were identified, Tuesday, by Mr. Sweet, of St. Joe, Michigan, as those of Benton Barrett.

The deceased lived at South Bend, where he was employed in the Birdsell manufacturing works. He went to St. Joe, Michigan, to visit his brother-in-law, Mr. Sweet, making their trip by way of Chicago and the lake. He was on his return home. How he came to get off the train at Dune Park is not known. From the fact that only fifteen cents were found in his pockets, it might be surmised that, having run short of funds enroute home, he had been put off the train at that station.

Coroner Ketcham has not yet returned a verdict, but it will probably exonerate the railroad people from any blame in connection with the accident.

Undertaker Lundberg prepared the body for burial and it was taken to South Bend by his brother-in-law Tuesday evening for interment.

Newspaper: The Chesterton Tribune
Date of Publication: July 12, 1895
Volume Number: 12
Issue Number: 14
Page: 1
Column(s): 4

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