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Rhoda Banta

Resolutions of Condolence.
The M. E. Sunday-school of Valparaiso on December 20th, 1885, passed the following resolutions on the death of Mrs. W. H. Banta, which sad even occurred December 11th, 1885.

WHEREAS; In the providence of God, our dear sister Banta has been removed from our midst by death; and,

WHEREAS; she has long been connected with our school, and, with her honored husband, was always a willing, and efficient helper, wherever her services were solicited and needed; therefore,

Resolved, That while we bow in humble submission to the Providence that has called her from us, in the midst of her days and usefulness, we nevertheless deeply feel, and mourn her loss.

Resolved, That we extend to our dear Brother Banta, to our school-mate Mabel, and to all the members of the family, our heartfelt sympathy, and assure them of our fervent prayers, in this hour of their great bereavement and sorrow.

Resolved, That in the midst of our sorrowing, we rejoice to know that our departed sister was fully prepared for her change. She lived a true Christian life, and died in the full assurance of a blissful immortality beyond the grave. Her preparation was fully made, and she entered the dark portals of death with calm resignation. To her the transition was a happy and glorious one; for it was;

Out of the shadows of sadness,
Into the sunshine of gladness,
Into the light of the blest.
Out of the land very dreary,
Out of the world of the weary,
Into the rapture of rest.

Out of to-day's sin and sorrow,
Into a beautiful to-morrow,
Into a day without gloom;
Out of land filled with sighing;
Land of the dead and dying;
Into a land without a tomb.

Out of a life of commotion,
Tempest-swept oft as the ocean;
Dark with the wrecks drifting o'er
Into a land calm and quiet,
Never a storm cometh nigh it,
Never a wreck on the shore."

Resolved, That we will cherish in our hearts the memory of her many virtues, and noble traits of character, and strive like her, to make our lives beautiful and useful, and be prepared when our summons shall come, to pass on quietly, and peacefully into rest.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be presented to Brother Banta and the family; and also, that a copy be furnished the city papers for publication.

T. H. BELL, } Com.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: December 24, 1885
Volume Number: 29
Issue Number: 52
Page: 6
Column(s): 4

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