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Heman Ball

DIED -- At Cedar Lake, August the 28th, after five days illness, HEMAN, second son of Harvey and Jane A. H. Ball; aged 22 years, 7 months, and 13 days.

Born in the State of Georgia, spending a few years of his life in Massachusetts, he found a home for his youth, and a grave in early manhood, in the State of Indiana. He was received into the fellowship of the Cedar Lake Baptist Church, October 18th, 1851, and remained a consistent member until his death. He had suffered much for years from severe affliction, especially with his eyes and lungs. It was granted to him to stay byt a few years on earth; to be known, admired, and loved in the family circle; to be chastened and refined by affliction; to unfold and mature rapidly in Christian character; and leave earth for heaven in peaceful triumph.

His dying hours were impressive and instructive. The warning was very short, yet was not he startled when it came, when he knew that he must die! He expressed the feeling to his brother, who asked if he made the idea of death familiar to his mind, that it never would take him by surprise, that he trusted it would find him ready. He spoke very pleasantly. His tate of mind was peace, all peace!

In earnest tones he said to his sister, "you do wrong to weep." He urged his brothers and sisters to meet him in heaven.

His eyes long weak and very dim, now brightened up, clear and searching, as in boyhood; and the soul in its power beamed forth through them once more. Perceiving it he exclaimed in tones of joy and exultation, which thrilled the hearts of those around him, "Am I not leaving the infirmities of earth?"

His trust and confidence were in the merits of his Savior. During the past years, suffering at times severely, he never complained; disappointed much, he never murmured; but under ail circumstances was ever pleasant, useful and happy. The deep devotional character of his religion, the heavenly mindedness which he had cultivated through chastening and deep affliction, were manifest to any accurate observer. Said the Presbyterian clergyman who conducted the funeral service, "I was much struck with the manner in which he asked a blessing one day at my table."

Those who mourn his loss, yet rejoice to believe that he is forever happy and forever safe, feel that one of the best intellects in our midst, one of the most noble, pure, refined heavenly minded spirits among us, has left this world for the everlasting rest.

Words of praise we wish not, they are nothing for him, if, as we humbly trust, he rests with his redeeming Saviour amid the blood washed throng. The praise, the glory of his peaceful, joyous death, be to the Saviour Jesus, who, for all his, conquered death.

T. H. B.

[Note: The writer of this death notice, "T. H. B." is likely to be Heman Ball's brother, Thomas H. Ball, a noted historian of Lake County, Indiana.]

Newspaper: Practical Observer
Date of Publication: October 10, 1854
Volume Number: 2
Issue Number: 41
Page: 1
Column(s): 1

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