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Rose Bailly

Died, at her residence, at Bailly Homestead, on Friday, May 15th, Rose Howe, widow of Francis Howe, and daughter of Joseph Bailly, the first white settler in Porter county, who with his wife in 1822 established them a home on the banks of the Calumet, two and one half miles west of what is now Chesterton. Mrs. Howe was the third daughter, and, at the time of her death was in her seventy-eighth year. Her husband was a Chicago banker, who fell a victim to cholera during the prevalence of that epidemic in 1850.

Mrs. Howe was a devout Catholic, and brought up her daughters in the same faith. She spared neither labor nor pains in giving them all the advantaged possible, and after their school education here was finished, she took them to Europe, where they sojourned five years., the time being wholly occupied in enriching their minds and hearts by study, and travel in the Holy Land. The daughters are well known to the literary world. Shortly after their return home the elder daughter, Rose F., died, and since then the mother and daughter, Frances, have dwelt in seclusion at the beautiful old home.

Funeral services were held in the chapel belinging to the estate on Tuesday, May 19, Rev. Father Kroll officiating, and the body was laid to rest in their own private cemetery, and in the same grave with her husband.

By her mother's will, Miss Frances is now sole owner of the grand old place, but in the midst of her solitude she will never be lonely, for its associations and memories will ever bear her company, and her richly stored mind and her strong abiding faith will sustain her through this her deepest sorrow.

How beautiful in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. How comforting to the grief-stricken heart to know that, though the loved form is forever hidden away, the freed spirit has heard the happy welcome: "Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joys of thy Lord.

The death of the aged christian, to the eye of faith, is ever beautiful, and in Mrs. Howe's death, while we grieve the loss of so lovely a character, we can but rejoice that our loss is infinitely her gain. She has lived the faithful, self-denying life of the lowly christian, and she rests from her labors.

To few does life open with more brilliant promise than were the early years of Mrs. Howe. Intellectual gifts of a high order, beautiful and accomplished, with the added charm of a lovely disposition, she easily held the high place in the social circle in which her marriage with one of Chicago's most brilliant young men placed her. But after a few brief years of social success death claimed the idolized husband, and then it was that the nobility of her character shone forth in its true splendor.

Relinquishing all earthly ambition, she returned to her beautiful home of her widowed mother and devoted her life to the training and educating her two little girls. As one evidence of her success the following, from the dedicatory page of one of the books written by her younger daughter shows "To my own dear mother, to whose life of self-sacrifice as a widow indeed I owe the priceless blessing of a truly Catholic education and the strong-hold of Christian home."

Rest, loved friend, the way has been long, and oftentimes thorny; clouds have overshadowed, and trials, deep and dark, have at times hid the way; but the heart never faltered, and God's providence was over all.

The journey is over and the tired feet rest on the Heavenly shore.

"She is gone but still lives."

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: May 22, 1891
Volume Number: 8
Issue Number: 6
Page: 1
Column(s): 5

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