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Oregon Axe

The following notice was handed in several days since, but its publication necessarily deferred till the present time.

At the residence of his mother, near this village, Nov. 12th, 1856, Oregon Axe, youngest child of Agnes and the late Jacob Axe, aged 10 years, 10 months and 20 days.

The following is dedicated to the afflicted mother.

"One sweet flower has dropped and faded,
One sweet infant voice has fled,
One fair brow the grave has shaded,"
Little Oregon now is dead ---
Autumnal leaves were fading, falling fast,
And a little sufferer moaning lay
Upon his couch of pain. Cold chills
Came sweeping slowly o'er his wasted frame,
And as they circled round his fainting heart,
The life-tide ceased its gentle ebbings,
And the infant spirit sped its flight to God.
Then the Death fingers closed together
Those little lids of the mild blue eye,
And coldly bade the merry lisping tongue
Forever hush its joyous, mirthful songs.
'Twas a tendril given by heavenly hands
To bud in lioly sweetness here on Earth,
And then, as a bright angelic flower,
God called it to blook in the spirit World.
The, weeping mother, cease thy falling tears
For the blossom that graced thy happy home;
Far away 'mid the holy cherub throng
Little Oregon dwells, a spirit bright.
E'en though the body sleep beneath the turf
And snowy shrouds enwrap his narrow home,
Though back to dust again the form shall mould.
Yet, with his angel brother perchance he holds
A spirit's vigil round thy earthly path.
"God has marked each sorrowing day
And numbered every secret tear,
And heaven's language of bliss shall pay
For all his children suffer here."
M. M ------.

Newspaper: Practical Observer
Date of Publication: January 6, 1857
Volume Number: 5
Issue Number: 1
Page: 4
Column(s): 3

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