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Charles Ascham

Reported Murder in Pleasant Township.

We are informed that John McIntosh, of Pleasant Township, has for a long time been understood to have improper familiarity with the wife of his neighbor, Charles Ascham; that Mrs. Ascham has recently made her home at the house of McIntosh; that Mr. Ascham came there last Sunday evening, and McIntosh shot him in the yard, in three places, killing him on the spot. Mr. Ascham is said to have been an Englishman, aged 85, and one of Wellington's soldiers at the battle of Waterloo. It is said that McIntosh had threatened before that he would kill Ascham, tho' he now claims to have done it in self-defence. All these sayings are only reports which are not authenticated, and should not prejudice the case one way or the other. Of course the matter will undergo legal investigation. How different in this respect from Kansas. There a Ruffian may rob or kill a Free State man with perfect impunity -- and be retained in office by the President -- while a Free State man is indicted, arrested and imprisoned for simply saying that slavery is wrong!

LATER. -- Mr. McIntosh was arrested yesterday and committed for examination on to-day at 1 P. M. It seems that a Coroner's inquest was held on Sunday evening or Monday morning, and it was found that Mr. Ascham came to his death by "justifiable homicide," committed by McIntosh. The body was then buried, but a number of our citizens went down Monday to examine it, and have it ascertained whether the wounds were mortal, or whether, as asserted by some, he may have died of a fit. Mr. McIntosh relates the matter all over, and we presume pretty correctly, unless perhaps in the matter of his justification.

Some apprehensions prevail, on account of the matter in which recent cases have been disposed of, that justice will be evaded. We presume, however, that the law in this case will be enforced.

Newspaper: Practical Observer
Date of Publication: July 15, 1856
Volume Number: 4
Issue Number: 29
Page: 4
Column(s): 3

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