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Samuel I. Anthony

Death of Judge Anthony.
Messrs. M. Wood, E. C. Field, T. J. Wood, and J. W. Youche, the committee selected last week to draft resolutions expressive of the feeling of the members of the Lake county bar in regard to the death of acting Judge Anthony, reported the following in open court on Monday last, which resolutions were adopted and ordered spread upon the court records.

WHEREAS, Samuel I. Anthony, who, for more than thirty-five years was a member of this bar, departed this life while acting as Judge of this court at the present term thereof, therefore.

Resolved, That in our opinion he was an able lawyer, an upright judge, an affectionate husband, a kind parent, a true friend, and a useful citizen.

Resolved, That we deplore his death as an irreparable loss to his family and to the community in which he lived, and we tender to his grief-stricken family and relatives our heartfelt sympathy and condolence.

Resolved, That these declarations be spread upon the records of this court, and that the court house be draped in mourning for thirty days.

After the reading of the resolutions, Mr. T. J. Wood addressed the court and bar as follows:

Judge Anthony is gone. In this life he will be with us no more. None of us thought the hour of his dissolution so near when last we heard him speak from the bench. Believing in the goodness and beneficence of an all-kind Father, who justly pronounced judgement upon all existence, I utter no complaint, but I feel more than ever before that all of this world is clothed in uncertainty, is full of vanity, and that death is mournful culmination of all things here. We all have the race of life to run, its real duties to perform, its sorrows and troubles to meet, and most expect to face the final dissolution as millions before us have done throughout the period of human existence. Judge Anthony, like many good men of his day, has met the final issue of life -- all is over -- and his good spirit is at rest in the home of his Father, in that land beyond the river of death. He stopped suddenly upon the great highway of time in the fulfillment of arduous but honorable duties, and we all mourn more deeply the sad event because entirely unexpected by any of us. All that we can do is to express our heartfult condolence, cherish his memory for the good that he has done, and tender our sympathies to those in grief, most near to him in all his earthly pilgrimage.

Judge Anthony was a pioneer in the profession of law in northern Indiana. He was able and learned enough in his profession to be a respectable antagonist in the solution of any legal question. He passed through all the early hardships of the profession, incident to a new and sparsely settled country. He maintained honest convictions of right and wrong in all of his professional dealings with men, and held them firmly to the moment of his death. Like all good men, he possessed good qualities of mind and heart joined with an honorable character, which he preserved unsullied through forty years of professional life. He died respected by all who knew him, which I regard as a great tribute to his memory. I always considered him a kind-hearted man, ever ready to lift up fallen humanity, and mark out for it a high plane to follow through their existence.

All these high traits of his character constitute a monument more brilliant and enduring than any that we can build for him. It lives in the hearts of men, and not alone in the memory, as the one we erect to him. We cannot dismiss this solemn occasion without the more solemn reflection that Judge Anthony has only gone a little ahead of us. We will soon follow on, and happy indeed we will be if we are only qualified to meet the great realities of the future life.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: February 28, 1878
Volume Number: 22
Issue Number: 9
Page: 2
Column(s): 6

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