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Samuel I. Anthony

Sudden Death of Hon. S. I. Anthony!

Affliction in the family of Judge Gillette forbade his absence this week, and he got Judge Anthony to hold the Crown Point court. The latter had appeared for some time past unusually vigorous and cheerful, but before he left for Crown Point felt a little ailment in his side, and Mrs. A. relieved it by some remedy she had at hand. Expecting this he seemed as well as usual till he left the hotel Tuesday morning in the storm and walked to court without rubbers, after which he said his feet and legs felt bad, and at 11 a. m. had symptoms of a chill, and so adjourned the court till afternoon and was escorted by some friends to the hotel. He then felt darting pains about the heart and a physician was immediately called, who made such applications as appeared to give relief and Mr. Anthony advised attendants to go down to dinner, which they did, expect the doctor. He requested also, we are told, that Judge Niles take his place upon the bench and go on with the trial of a case he had begun, and this was done. Judge Anthony at length, near 2 p. m., felt so much better that he got up, and proposed returning to the court, but while upon his feet fell down as in a bit of apoplexy, and before the doctor could get him from across the room, he was dead.

The news soon reached the court house and the court adjourned till next day, with instruction to the sheriff to adjourn from day to day with expectation that no further business would be done this week. A telegram was then immediately sent to Hon. D. F. Skinner here, informing him, and others of the sad event, and nearly every countenance evinced the grievous shock that this surprise had given our people. Dr. Herriot was sent to Mrs. Anthony to tell her to prepare for bad news, and was followed soon by Rev. Mr. Beer and other who had known the worst, which must of course have been to her most sorrowful.

Directions then were sent to have Judge Anthony's remains sent forthwith to Chicago, where some friends from here took charge of them and brought them home upon the midnight train.

The funeral will be at 1 1/2 o'clock p. m. to-morrow, (Friday,) at the Presbyterian church, conducted by the Rev. Robert Beer, under the auspices of the Laporte Commandery of Knights Templars, of which body the deceased became a member long before the lodge was formed here, and has never been transferred. The Knights will be here from Chicago, Crown Point, Plymouth and Laporte, the court adjourning at Laporte to give the bar and others better opportunity. Our business houses generally will be closed from 1 to 3 p. m.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: February 14, 1878
Volume Number: 22
Issue Number: 7
Page: 3
Column(s): 6

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