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Harry Omer Clinton Allison

ALLISON. -- Died, on January 9th, 11:45 P. M., at their residence at Koutts, of laryngitis and general inflamation Harry Omer Clinton, son of J. D. and M. E. Allison, aged three months and twenty days.

No sooner had this fair flower begun to develop all its beauty, than it had to wither. So mote it be.


An angel visited your home,
And in your bosom slept,
You called him yours, and loves strong tie
Grew stronger as the days went by,
Into your hearts he crept.

He held his place, and gave you love,
So fresh, so pure and true,
that earth seemed brighter and more fair,
And earth-toil seemed less hard to bear,
Since he belonged to you.

His stay how short, relentless death,
How brief the hours given!
Your darling Clinty went away;
The world seemed dark, he could not stay,
But hastened back to heaven.

The agony is over now,
He lies so stiff and fair,
Can it be death, and must he go
To lie beneath the earth and snow,
Too much, O heart, to bear.

Will he not, when the morning dawns,
Awake with laughing eyes
And tell you, in his baby way,
"'Tis time to rise, another day,
Has broken from the skies?"

Oh stricken parents dry your tears,
An angel takes your place,
And cares for little Clinty now,
Tenderly kissing cheek and brow,
With sweet and nameless grace.

The task to teach him wisdom's ways,
To angel hands is given;
He'll grow in knowledge, strength and love,
And beauty, in His name above,
The nursey of Heaven.

Immortal hands will teach the feet
To walk the airy way;
'Twill teach the little angel hand,
To pluck the flowers of that fair land,
Where he has gone to stay.

And he will not forget his home,
O, cruel thought, be gone;
You may not hear as years go by,
That airy footstep from the sky,
That treads your stricken home.

You may not feel the little hand,
That fain would dry your tears,
But you may feel in your glad hour,
The loving influence of his power,
To smooth the passing years.

Then gird your armor, keep it bright,
And when your hour may come,
He'll be among the shining band,
That welcomes you to summer land,
To God, to Heaven, and home.


Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: January 23, 1879
Volume Number: 23
Issue Number: 4
Page: 3
Column(s): 4

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