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A Sad Case and a Solemn Warning.

Mrs. Akers, the widow of Mr. Akers who died in this place a few months ago, had a very interesting little daughter who had an attack of infantile remittent fever. I visited her some four or five times. On Sabbath, the fourth inst., 2 P. M. the head-ache became unusually severe, and, her mother having seen her husband prepare doses of morphine for the children, assumed the responsibility, without consulting me, of giving her daughter a dose of morphine which, she said, always relieved. Mrs. Height, with whom she has been staying for some time, having some morphine in the house, at her request, gave her some, and she prepared the dose, which she said was very small. The stimulant effect of the dose relieved the head, but the narcotism gradually increased. The dose was given at about 4 P. M. At about five P. M. Mrs. Height called on me and told me what had been done. At that time she said the child was easily roused. I sent some antagonizing medicine. After the church in the evening I was called and found her in a deep stupor, but I entertained hope that she might possibly recover, the symptoms apparently improving under the means I was using. But suddenly all hope vanished, one or two sterterous respirations, and then a cessation, with an extinct pulse, announced that the spirit had taken its flight.

This case should be a fearful warning to all parents and nurses not to administer morphine and other powerful narcotics, without being perfectly familiar with their effects, or consulting a physician.

April 6th, 1875.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: April 8, 1875
Volume Number: 19
Issue Number: 14
Page: 3
Column(s): 4

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