Crisman High School AlumniAlumni of Crisman High School, 1918-1930 . . . .

The following list of individuals was transcribed from the 1931 Crisman High School year book, titled "The Legend." Genealogical information contained in this alumni list includes married names, year of graduation, and present address. The full source citation for this annual is as follows:

Nicholson, Eleanor (editor). 1931. The Legend (Annual of Crisman High School). Crisman, Indiana: The Senior Class. 80 p.

The information contained herein has been transcribed exactly as it appears in the source document.

[Page 53]

Alumni Roll

Esther Nicholson-Howard, 402 Linden St., Hammond, Ind.
Glodie Blake-Cherry, Crisman, Ind.

Elsie Blair-Doyle, Chicago, Ill.


Ralph Jannasch, Crisman, Ind.
Evelyn Gustafson-Nicholson, Crisman, Ind.
Elsie Sargent

Ova Chelf, Crisman, Ind.
Edward Luke, Crisman, Ind.
Garret Slanger, Chicago, Ill.
Theo. Kimmel, Crisman, Ind.

John Wilbur Blair, Crisman, Ind.
Edna Swanson-Anderson, Hobart, Ind.

Marguerite Rhue-Cook, R.R. 1, Chesterton
Florence Grimmer-Swanson
Nola Fitzgerald-Collins, Valparaiso, Ind.
Orval Fifield, Hammond, Ind.
Raymond Lute, R.R. 2, Hobart, Ind.
Ruth Robbins, R.R. 4, Valparaiso, Ind.
Edward Nicholson, Crisman, Ind.
Marguerite LaHayne-Lenburg, Chesterton
Dolly Ferguson-Rosenborough, Chesterton
Walter Crisman, R.R. A, Gary, Ind.
Robert Scofield, Crisman, Ind.
Ross Jannsach, Crisman, Ind.

Andrew Wilson, Gary, Ind.
Rose Lindquist, Crisman, Ind.
Eva Nicholson, Crisman, Ind.
Lewis Lenburg, R.R. 1, Chesterton, Ind.
Lorena Cruikshank, R.R. A, Gary, Ind.
Olivia Paulding, Gary, Ind.
Alyce Carlson-Wade, Crisman, Ind.

Arthur Moore, East Gary, Ind.
Pearle Samuelson-Farry, R. 1, Chesterton
Bernice Swanson-Moore, East Gary, Ind.
Harold Johnson, Gary, Ind.
Joe Cruikshank, Gary, Ind.
Howard Lute, R. 2, Hobart, Ind.

Robert Rowe, R. 2, Hobart, Ind.
Ivan Hawkinson, Crisman, Ind.
Walter Slanger, R. 2, Hobart, Ind.
Harry Ditsler, R. 2, Hobart, Ind.
Howard Garrison, McCool, Ind.
Evelyn Nelson-Miller, Indiana Harbor
Myrtle Carlson-Kline, Crisman, Ind.
Elizabeth Robbins, R. 4, Valparaiso, Ind.
Darrel Freleigh, Chicago, Ill.

Fern Robbins, South Bend, Ind.
Frances Anderson, Chicago, Ill.
Warren Jannasch, Crisman, Ind.
Harry Sodomka, R.R. A, Gary, Ind.
Leslie Bender, Crisman, Ind.
Walter Myers, R.R. A, Gary, Ind.
Everett Anderson, R.R. A, Gary, Ind.
Evelyn Jentezen-Nelson, R. 1, Chesterton
Mary Funke-Nelson, Porter, Ind.
Ruth Andrews, R. 4, Valparaiso, Ind.
Thomas Tompson, LaPorte, Ind.

Edna Lenburg, Porter, Ind.
Alan Norman, Sophomore at I. U.
Lillie Foreman, R. 2, Hobart, Ind.
Jennie Foreman, R. 2, Hobart, Ind.
Marie Nicholson, South Bend, Ind.
George McCorkel, McCool, Ind.
Mae Lenburg, South Bend, Ind.
Roe Shook, R. 2, Hobart, Ind.

Mary Murray, Warren, Ind.
Anna Crisman, Freshman at I. U.
Dorothy Lute, Valparaiso, Ind.
Grace Garrison, McCool, Ind.
Pauline Ricketts, R. 1, Gary, Ind.
Violet Johnson, R. 1, Gary, Ind.
Grace Kuhrts, McCool, Ind.
Russell Nicholson, Crisman, Ind.
Raymond Sodomka, Freshman at V. U.
Russell Lindquist, Crisman, Ind.

Transcribed by Steven R. Shook, November 2009


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