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Connie Edker Minton
Seaman First Class, US Navy Reserves
Date of Birth: April 15, 1919
Date of Death: February 21, 1945
Burial: Buried at Sea by Administrative Decision
Cause of Death: Killed in Action
Monument: Tablets of The Missing At Honolulu Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii
Hometown: Kouts

Newspaper Notices:


We wish to extend our appreciation and tanks to our many friends and neighbors who sent cards and letters of sympathy to us in our time of our grief over the great loss of our son and brother, Connie Edker Minton of the United States Navy.

Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Minton
and Family, of Kouts.
Source: The Vidette-Messenger, Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana; April 2, 1945; Volume 18, Page 2, Column 3


From Mrs. L. C. Minton, Kouts:
Here is a letter I received from one of the boys who was with my son, Connie, when he was killed and I hope you can publish it. Enclosed is stamped and addressed envelope. Dear friend Mrs. Minton: I was very glad to hear from you and glad that you and family are well. Let me first try to answer your questions: You want to know if he was wounded -- he was instantly killed, Mrs. Minton. I talked with him less than five minutes before he died. It happened off coast of Iwo Jima island, perhaps only 25 or 30 miles from there. It occurred on the 21st day of February 1945. You asked for some of his possessions -- some of his clothes are being sent to you. His bill fold cannot be returned, it was lost, and if there was any earthly way for me to get it for you, I would, but, it is no more. Yes, Connie was a very dear friend of me and also of each one of the crew. He always had a smile and cheerful word for everyone. He often talked of home and so much of his little baby sister. He seemed to think so much of her. He also talked of his brother, the one in the army. Connie told me of his brother's experiences (the older one). You asked of the places that he had been: He was in Pearl Harbor, it was there he and I took liberty together, and enjoyed it very much. I'm sure it must have been Guam that he was telling you about the cocoanuts growing. You ask where my home is. I live near Wilmar, Ark., a small town -- however, I do not live in town, I live on a farm in the country. If it is that I am ever near your home I will surely visit you. Words cannot express the sympathy that I feel for you and your family, but I know Connie is waiting for his dear ones in a far more beautiful place than here where we will all meet again, and never more will we be parted. God bless you! And I appreciate your wishing my safe return. Yes, I have a dear, aged, and feeble mother awaiting me at home. You can write again and will be glad to answer your letter and all letters that you may wish to write. From a friend of yours -- a buddy of his -- Robert B. Montgomery. (Mrs. Minton -- please send in seaman Montgomery's service address and a copy of this Vidette-Messenger will be mailed to him -- Editor Home Front.)
Source: The Vidette-Messenger, Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana; June 8, 1945; Volume 18, Page 3, Column 1

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