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Louis P. Auble
Private, Company D, 63rd Chemical Battalion, US Army
Date of Birth: 1911
Date of Death: January 26, 1944
Burial: Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial
Cause of Death: Missing in Action (transit ship struck mine)
Date of Enlistment: December 11, 1942
Monument: Sicily and Rome, Italy
Awards: Purple Heart
Hometown: Valparaiso

Newspaper Notices:


Corrected address to date: Pvt. Louis P. Auble, A. P. O. 3929, care Postmaster, New York, N. Y. Letters to Pvt. Auble who will be remembered as the Yank who wrote an appealing letter to his sister asking her to send any baby clothes she could spare to him "somewhere in Italy" and told of he hunger and want among the people, especially the little children and babies. His sister, Mrs. Earl Grieger, 156 Jefferson St., sent a package at once. Pvt. Auble's name was given us with the explanation his child (our children) is enrolled at Hayes-Leonard school.
Source: The Vidette-Messenger, Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana; January 31, 1944; Volume 17, Page 4, Column 8

Louis Auble Is Missing In Italy, Wife Is Informed

Louis T. Auble, 33, of Valparaiso RFD 3, is missing in action in Italy, according to word received by his wife, Mrs. Lucile Auble.

Auble, a member of the 83rd Chemical Battalion, U. S. Army has been unaccounted for since Jan. 26, according to a message received from the War department.

A member of the army for the last two years, being 14 months overseas, Auble participated in the North African and Sicilian campaigns before going to Italy.

Prior to entering the service, Auble was employed at the Indiana Steel Products company, and also was engaged in painting and decorating with his father, Paul Auble.

In addition to his wife and three small children, Auble leaves his father and two sisters, Mrs. Earl Grieger, 156 Jefferson street, Valparaiso, and Mrs. Everett McDowell, Gary.
Source: The Vidette-Messenger, Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana; February 25, 1944; Volume 17, Page 1, Column 3


The Yanks are on the march -- To Victory!

Our readers may remember a paragraph in Home Front a few months ago headed by the service address of Pvt. Louis P. Auble, Co. D, 83rd Cheml. Bn., and the latter's appeal to his sister, Mrs. Earl Grieger, 156 Jefferson St., for baby clothes for the cold, poorly clad babies of the area in Sicily in which he was located. It was an arresting letter -- revealing the great heart of a Yank private, and his love for, and interest in, the child unfortunates of the European war zones. Of course his sister furnished a package, to which friends and neighbors, contributed. Not long after that Pvt. Auble's letters ceased. Late in February, Mrs. Grieger, worried, addressed the final one of many letters -- all unanswered, but added to the address on the envelope the request that someone in Pvt. Auble's battalion "please open and read." A reply came this week from the chaplain, Capt. Gaiser, dated Mar. 23, as follows: "My dear Mrs. Grieger: Your letter of Feb. 28 has been turned over to me, and I will try to give you what meager information is possible with regard to your brother, Pvt. Louis P. Auble, Co. D, 83rd Cml. Bn. I wish it might be a letter of re-assurance and encouragement for you to hope Louis were alive and well. But it cannot be so, and I can only say to you how sorry we are for your loss, which has also been ours, and send you my deepest sympathy. Louis was one of a portion of our battalion on board a vessel in transit for the front, when it apparently struck a mine and was lost. Many of our men were lost, and since most of the bodies were not recovered nor identified most of that number remain listed as "missing" and must continue so until absolute proof of death or such lapse of time as the War Department considers that further hope must be abandoned, or evidence of their being alive is obtained. I have said, I can offer you nothing of myself but my heartfelt sympathy. But I can and do commend you unto my Lord and King whom I serve in the assurance that He will give you all the comfort and grace sufficient for these grievous days. May He be with you and the family through all the help and blessings He has promised. Sincerely yours, George E. Gaiser, Capt. Ch-Aus, 83rd Cml. Bn." Pvt. Auble's wife and three children live on R. R. 2.
Source: The Vidette-Messenger, Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana; April 5, 1944; Volume 17, Page 10, Columns 2 and 3

Louis Auble Dies In Action

Pvt. Louis P. Auble has been reported killed in action in Italy on Jan. 26, according to a telegram received by his wife Mary L. Auble, R. R. 2 from the War Department.

Pvt. Auble, who had been previously reported missing had fought in North Africa, Sicily and Italy, and had won the order of the Purple Heart while in Italy.

He was 32 years old, and had volunteered for service with the local selective service board, and was inducted in the Army on Dec. 11, 1942.

Born at Boone Grove the fallen soldier, in addition to Mrs. Auble, is survived by his 3 children, Louis, Jr. 9, Clayton, age 5, Ray, 2; his father, Paul Auble, of this city; and 2 sisters, Mrs. Earl Grieger, of Valparaiso, and Mrs. Everett McDowell, of Gary.
Source: The Vidette-Messenger, Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana; July 3, 1944; Volume 17, Page 1, Column 1

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