Porter County Civil War SoldiersPorter County citizens who served in the Civil War. . . .

The Indiana Adjutant General's List of Porter County Civil War Soldiers

Indiana sent more than 200,000 troops to serve in the War of the Rebellion. In addition, 50,000 state militia were sent to protect Indiana's southern border. In Porter County, men not only joined units formed in Indiana, but also traveled the short distance to serve in adjacent Illinois counties. This database is a compilation of 917 Porter County soldier records extracted from the eight volume report issued at the end of the Civil War by Indiana's Adjutant General, William H. H. Terrell. Each of these volumes contains over 700 pages listing name, rank, unit, muster date, and some general notes concerning the soldier's service. Numerous names of soldiers published in the Adjutant General's enumeration do not contain a place of residence. As such, this list provides information only on those individuals where a place of residence had been included in their enumeration; this is especially true among the officer ranks since few of the enumerated officers included a place of residence. Note that some of the towns listed use historical names from the 1860s, but not normally in use today; for example, Chesterton was referred to as Calumet in the 1860s.

Several Indiana volunteer units had the majority of their enlisted men coming from Porter County, including the 5th Cavalry's 90th Indiana Volunteer Regiment, Company I; 9th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Companies B, E, and H; 20th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company I; 63rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company B; 73rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Companies E and I; 99th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C; and the 151st Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Companies B and E. Some units were formed and mustered for only three months of service, but the majority of the units were mustered for three years of service. Many men would serve their full obligation and then reenlist as a veteran until the end of the war.

Note that the information contained here has been transcribed exactly as it was published. As a result, many names contained in the list may be misspelled. We recommend the use of the National Park Service's Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System to cross check the accuracy of the information provided in the Hardesty list. This transcription was prepared and contributed to the Porter County GenWeb by David Meyer.

Source Citation:
Terrell, William H. H. 1868. Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana. Eight Volumes. Indianapolis, Indiana: Alexander H. Conner, State Printer.

Surname, Given Name
Abel, Philetus
Ablet, John
Adams, Nelson B.
Adams, William H.
Allen, Charles
Allen, Solomon
Allison, Robert F.
Allison, Walter L. (S)
Alyea, David
Alyea, George W.
Alyea, John R.
Alyes, Jacob
Anderson, John
Armitage, David
Arnold, Charles S.
Arnold, Charles S.
Artist, Harvey
Ascher, Edward
Ascher, John
Ascher, John I.
Asher, John
Ault, Henry
Axe, Albert
Axe, Elias J.
Axe, Herschel
Axe, Isiah
Aylie, Gideon
Aylsworth, Thomas E.
Babbit, Warren
Babbit, William H.
Babbitt, Warren
Babbitt, William S.
Bageley, Daniel C.
Bair, Benjamin F.
Baker, Isaac
Bales, John H. G.
Ball, Charles C. H.
Ball, Charles C. H.
Barcum, Henry
Barnes, George W.
Bartholomew, Justice
Bartholomew, Stephen L.
Bartllett, Theodore M.
Baum, Napoleon
Bauman, John
Bay, Cyrus A.
Bays, John
Beadle, Norris
Beadle, Norris
Beam, Isiah B.
Beaver, Nicholas
Beck, George W.
Beck, Jacob C.
Beebe, George
Beebe, John
Beebe, McGeorge
Beebe, Orlando R.
Beebe, Orlando R.
Beebe, William J.
Bell, Adam
Bell, James
Benhart, George
Benney, Henry W.
Benny, William H.
Bernhart, Paul
Berringer, John
Beson, Oliver
Better, Freeborn J.
Biggs, Benjamin
Biggs, George W.
Biggs, Johnathon
Billings, John
Billyden, John
Bissell, William
Blachley, Miller
Black, Andrew
Blackley, Napoleon B.
Blackstone, John K.
Blackstone, John K.
Bloodgood, James
Bloomfield, George W.
Bonham, Preston
Booher, Adolphus H.
Booth, Palmer H.
Bornholt, Hans
Bosine, Frederick
Bosley, Richard S.
Bousher, Anthony
Bowen, John D.
Bowen, Johnathon
Bowman, Thornton
Bradburn, Charles H.
Bradley, George J.
Brecount, Frank M.
Brewer, Jacob
Brewer, Lemuel
Brewer, Winfield E.
Breyfogle, Michael J.
Brinn, Charles
Brockway, Simon
Brooks, Boone
Brooks, Job
Brooks, Riley H.
Brown, Charles C.
Brown, Charles C. H.
Brown, Christopher
Brown, Elmer H.
Brown, Fernandes H.
Brown, George A.
Brown, George D.
Brown, Hugh A.
Brown, John
Brown, John I.
Brown, John L.
Brown, John W.
Brown, Lewis
Brown, William
Brown, William D.
Brown, William V.
Brown, William V.
Brumley, William
Bryant, David L.
Bryant, Isaac
Bryant, James M.
Buchanan, Thomas M.
Budd, William
Buell, Arthur M.
Buell, James M.
Bullis, James
Bullis, Perry
Burke, John K.
Burr, Lafayette
Burrows, Thomas C.
Burstrum, Frank
Bush, George W.
Buzzard, Daniel
Cadwell, Homer O.
Cain, Leonard
Cain, William
Calkins, William H.
Calkins, William H.
Calvin, Samuel
Cameron, David
Cameron, Robert A.
Cameron, Robert A.
Cameron, Robert A.
Cannover, Vorhees
Card, John
Carl, Michael
Carla, Elza
Carland, Hiram
Carley, Albert A.
Carlin, Elzy
Carlin, Hiram
Carman, Charles G.
Carman, Charles G.
Carmin, Asal G.
Carney, Henry
Carr, William T.
Cartwright, Neal
Cartwright, Noah
Case, Hiram A.
Caslet, James
Cass, John E.
Cassellman, Josiah
Casteel, John
Castle, Alfred A.
Caswell, Adelbert
Cavilee, Philander
Chester, Elmer T.
Chrisman, Addison
Chrisman, Isaac
Chrisman, Oliver
Christie, William R.
Claypool, James H.
Clement, William H.
Clifford, Daniel S.
Clites, William H.
Cloidt, Anton
Cobb, James
Cobb, Martin
Cole, Andrew J.
Cole, David P.
Cole, John C.
Cole, Rusell
Coller, George H.
Colvin, Samuel
Comer, Samuel
Conklin, Isaac
Conley, Peter
Conner, James T.
Conover, John
Cook, John H.
Cooley, George W.
Cooley, John W.
Corbin, Martin
Corey, Lorenzo D.
Cornish, William
Cory, Lorenzo D.
Cotton, Eli
Coulson, Chancy B.
Cowley, Scott E.
Cox, Joseph
Cox, Reuben H.
Cramer, Charles
Crane, Edward
Crawford, Henry
Crisman, Harrison
Crisman, Oliver
Crisman, William
Cromer, James R.
Crosby, Edward
Cunningham, William
Curry, Joseph G.
Curtis, Alanthus
Curtis, Charles C.
Curtis, Edward D.
Cyphers, Philip F.
Decker, Charles
DeHart, Isaac N.
Dehart, William
Deion, Alexander
Demoss, Nathan
DeMotte, Charles W.
Depance, Wallace L.
Dickle, Lewis
Dilley, Horatio
Dillie, Calvin
Doering, Abram
Dolittle, Ira
Dorcey, Curtis
Douch, John
Downis, Isaac T.
Drawans, Frederick W.
Drawans, Frederick W.
Drullinger, Robert F.
Drummitt, William
Drumphrey, Nicholas
Drury, John
Dunham, Henry
Dunham, Luther S.
Dunlap, George M.
Dye, Napoleon
Eastland, William
Eastman, Thomas J.
Eaton, William C.
Eaton, William H.
Edmonds, Charles M.
Edmonds, Warren D.
Edson, John
Elder, William W.
Elliot, William
Ellis, Duane
English, William
Ensign, Joseph A.
Erickson, Nelse A.
Essex, Joshua R.
Estes, John
Evans, Robert O.
Evenes, Robert O.
Everts, Thomas H.
Febles, John C.
Ferguson, Ezra
Ferguson, Sylvester E.
Field, Edgar
Fielman, Frederick
Fifield, Zacheus B.
Fifield, Zacheus B.
Fisher, George
Fitzwilliams, John
Fitzwilliams, John
Fleming, Andrew
Fleming, Jacob
Fletter, Benjamin F.
Flewellen, Isaac
Flewellen, Robert
Flewylen, John
Flood, John
Fluhart, Edwin W.
Foker, William
Folsom, Andrew J.
Foster, Emanuel H.
Foster, James
Fox, Josiah B
Frame, John I.
Frame, Levi C.
Frame, Thomas
Franson, Mathias
Frasier, Clinton
Frasier, George W.
Freed, Oscar D.
Freed, Thomas
Freeman, John W.
Freeman, John W.
Freeman, Parke
Freeman, William W.
French, Alpheus C.
Fuller, Edmond
Fuller, John
Fuller, Joseph A.
Fuller, William H.
Fulsom, Benjamin F.
Furguson, John
Galbreath, Erasmus C.
Garrett, William
Garvey, Duncan
Gassett, Benjamin F.
Gesser, Frederick
Gibbons, Richard
Gilbert, Henry
Gilbreath, Warren C.
Glazier, Asa
Gleason, Charles H.
Glover, Alexander
Glover, Johnathon
Goff, Henry
Goff, Henry
Goodger, John
Goodwin, Anson H.
Goodwin, Anson H.
Goodwin, Horace A.
Goold, Charles
Gordon, Eli J.
Gordon, John M.
Gordon, Salmon W.
Gould, Charles H.
Gouldsbury, Johnathon
Gouldsbury, William
Graham, Robert W.
Graham, Robert W.
Graham, Robert W.
Granger, Henry
Granger, William J.
Graves, Elijah
Gray, James J.
Green, Azariah
Green, Francis
Green, Francis
Green, George F.
Green, Hiram
Green, Hiram S.
Green, Ira
Green, Lian
Greene, John R.
Gregory, Edward
Gregory, James R.
Gregory, John R.
Griffith, John J.
Gross, Jerome
Gunter, George N.
Gurney, Charles M.
Gurney, Charles M.
Gustafson, Adolph
Hacket, Horace H.
Hald, Julius
Hall, Robert
Hall, Theodore B.
Hall, Thomas E.
Hall, William
Handee, William H.
Haney, Paul
Hankins, Albert
Hankins, Albert
Hankins, John
Hannebuth, Willliam
Hanner, Peter
Hanson, John C.
Harding, Joseph W.
Harding, Stephen D.
Harlan, Joshua
Harman, William
Harmon, William
Harris, Frank
Harrison, John
Harrold, William
Hart, William D.
Haun, John
Haynes, Alonzo
Hearing, Lorenzo D.
Hedson, DeWitt C.
Hemdee, William H.
Henderson, Robert H.
Henry, Joseph
Herr, David C.
Herr, John B.
Herring, Henry C.
Hettmansperger, F. R.
Hider, William
Hilderly, David
Hildreth, Harvey
Hill, David
Hill, Othenial P.
Hineline, John
Hitchcock, Lester B.
Hixon, George C.
Hoch, Thomas
Hodsden, Stephen P.
Hodsdon, Stephen P.
Hodsen, Stephen P.
Hoffman, Max
Hoffman, Max A.
Holland, James
Hollet, Thomas J.
Hooseline, Michael
Hough, Charles B.
Howard, Charles E.
Howard, James D.
Howard, Wm. H. H.
Huffman, John S.
Hughes, Joseph
Hunter, George W.
Huntingden, Benj. F.
Huntingden, George W.
Huntington, George W.
Hyde, Hiram
Isaacson, Andrew
Iseminger, William
Jackson, Charles D.
Jackson, Hiram L.
Jackson, Joseph C.
Jackson, Peter
Jackson, Robert
Jenkins, Jacob V.
Jenkins, Jacob V.
Jewell, William
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Andrew J.
Johnson, Augustus
Johnson, Claus
Johnson, Edwin B.
Johnson, James
Johnson, John F.
Johnson, Samuel S.
Johnson, Timothy R.
Johnson, William
Johnston, Hiram B.
Johnston, Hiram O.
Jones, Aaron L.
Jones, Adelbert
Jones, Edwin D.
Jones, Jacob
Jones, John P.
Jones, Sylvester E.
Jones, Theodore
Jones, Thomas F.
Jones, William A.
Jorgensen, Nicholas
Julian, Miller
Keiler, Lewis
Kenedy, Edwin H.
Kennedy, Edwin A.
Kennedy, Edwin R.
Kern, Frederick
Kersey, Albert H.
Kersey, Robert B.
Kester, John J.
Ketchem, Charles
Ketchum, Charles
Ketchum, Charles
Kindig, Jacob
Kindig, Jesse
King, Eugene
King, Lawrence
King, Sylvester
Kingsberry, George W.
Kinney, Oscar
Kirk, William C.
Kitchel, David B.
Kitchell, David
Kitchell, Frederick
Kitchell, Stephen
Kitchen, Mathews
Kitchin, Thomas Q.
Kitchum, Jerome B.
Kluck, Charles
Knapp, Isaac W.
Knickerbocker, T. M.
Knode, Israel
Kocher, Frederick
Kopp, Lewis
Kopp, Louis
Kouts, Daniel
Kouts, Samuel G.
Kouts, Samuel G.
Laing, Alfred H.
Lansing, Robert
Lawler, John
Legget, Jesse
Lewis, James
Lewis, Lewis B.
Lewis, Oren W.
Lewis, Thomas H.
Libby, William
Lienderbeck, Charles
Lightfoot, Leander
Linderman, John
Lintz, William H.
Little, Martin
Little, Richard
Livingston, Edward
Livingston, Robert
Livingstone, Moses
Lochmiller, Jacob
Locke, Otho
Loomis, William D.
Louis, Edward
Loux, Charles L.
Loux, Charles R.
Loux, Ephraim K.
Loux, Henry W.
Lunderbeck, Charles
Lynch, Daniel
Lynch, James
Lynd, Leonard
Lyons, John W.
Lytle, Aaron W.
Lytle, Aaron W.
Lytle, James M.
Lytle, Thomas G.
Mackey, James G.
Mackey, Thomas R.
Mackey, William
Mahanny, Amos
Maine, David G.
Malone, Lawrence
Malone, William F.
Malott, Theophilus
Mandlin, John
Mangon, James
Marine, Edmond C.
Marquardt, Gustave A.
Marsh, Harlow
Marsh, James
Marsh, John
Marshall, Edward
Marshall, John B.
Mathews, Anthony
Mathews, James G. D.
Mathews, John
Mathews, Robert H.
Matott, Maurice
Mattingly, Wm. H. H.
Maxwell, George
Maxwell, John
Maxwell, William C.
McAllister, William
McAvoy, Kern
McCardy, John W.
McCarthey, William S.
McCarty, Charles
McConnell, Allen W.
McCool, Thomas
McCullum, William
McCumsey, George
McCumsey, Isaac W.
McCumsey, John
McDaniels, Samuel F.
McGowen, Sloan
McIntosh, George L.
McKinsey, George
McMahon, Patrick
McMathon, Mathias
McNally, James
McNay, Robert
McNerny, Michael
Meeker, Joseph
Meeker, Robert S.
Mellener, John N.
Mellor, William
Merrill, Orin
Merriott, Lemuel
Millard, Varnham W.
Miller, Charles
Miller, David
Miller, Enos
Miller, George
Miller, George
Miller, Hiram H.
Milner, George S.
Milner, Thomas
Mitchell, Charles B.
Mitchell, Matthew
Montgomery, Seymour T.
Moon, John E.
Moore, Jefferson
Moore, Reuben
Moore, Reuben S.
Moore, William H.
Moores, Jefferson A.
Morehouse, Homer
Morris, Edwin D.
Morris, John F.
Morris, Leander
Morrison, Henry J.
Morrison, Thomas E.
Morrow, John
Mount, Nicholas D.
Munson, Charles
Murray, Ethan A.
Murray, John M.
Muster, John
Muster, John
Mutchler, Levi
Mutchler, Levi H.
Myers, Daniel H.
Neff, Joseph M.
Neff, Joseph M.
Neron, William
Nichols, George A.
Nickerson, Alexander
North, Selah P.
Olinger, Henry E.
Oliver, David
Oliver, Hassan C.
Ollinger, Henry E.
Orr, Alexander J.
Osborn, Charles O.
Osborn, Charles T.
Osborn, Daniel L.
Osborn, Francis A.
Page, William
Palmateer, Ellis
Palmer, Frank M.
Palmer, Sylvanus S.
Parker, Jeremy
Parker, Mathew W.
Parker, Matthew W.
Parmelee, John R.
Peck, Francis M.
Peck, Ruthven O.
Pendergast, Thomas
Perry, Eugene
Perry, John L.
Peters, John
Peterson, George F.
Peterson, Henry N.
Peterson, Hiram
Peterson, Isaac S.
Peterson, John
Peterson, John A.
Pierce, G. A.
Pierson, George H.
Piper, James E.
Platt, Aaron
Platt, Jeremy
Platt, Reuben
Platt, Reuben
Poeler, Hiram
Post, George
Powell, George
Powers, James K.
Powers, Thomas
Pratt, Charles A.
Pratt, Henry
Pratt, Moses C. J.
Pratt, Rollin M.
Pratt, Thomas
Price, James A.
Price, Nathaniel S.
Pugh, William H.
Pullins, William
Purday, Thomas S.
Pursall, Henry
Quin, James L.
Ragan, Joseph H.
Rathbone, Edgar L.
Reeves, William H.
Restwick, Samuel
Reuben, Platt
Reynolds, Allen W.
Rhu, William
Rice, Jacob
Richards, Edwin M.
Riddle, Caroles J.
Riddle, John
Ritter, John J.
Robinson, Edmund L.
Robinson, Edwin L.
Robinson, Jacob G.
Robinson, Morris M.
Robinson, Thomas J.
Robinson, Thomas J.
Robinson, William H.
Robison, Edward I.
Rogers, Joseph H.
Rowland, Isaac D.
Ruchong, James
Rust, John E.
Rust, John E.
Rustling, Richard
Salisbury, David
Salsbury, Francis L.
Sampson, Norris C.
Samuelson, John P.
Sanders, Abner
Sanders, Franklin
Sarandson, Samuel A.
Sass, Charles
Saunders, Duane
Saunders, George L.
Schrum, William
Scott, Charles H.
Seeger, Garrett G.
Selleck, Daniel W.
Shafer, John
Shaffer, John
Shaffer, John
Shanning, John
Sharp, Abel B.
Sheets, Augustus
Sheets, Sylvester
Sheffield, Benjamin
Sheldon, Joseph
Sherman, Amasa
Sherwood, James R.
Shinabarger, Hugh P.
Shinabarger, John
Shinabarger, John H.
Shinaberger, Peter H.
Shirley, Stephen
Shoemaker, Albert
Shoemaker, Gilbert J.
Sholl, Jacob S.
Shores, Eugene
Shortridge, Irenus
Shull, Edward
Shull, Thomas C.
Shults, Detlof
Shumake, Edwin W.
Shumer, Benjamin
Shurburn, Calvin C.
Shurtz, John
Shuts, Charles
Sillman, Stephen
Simmons, Henry C.
Skinner, Eberly
Skinner, Henry O.
Skinner, Henry O.
Skinner, Henry O.
Skinner, Hillard
Sleeper, Charles
Sleight, Charles H.
Smith, Alexander
Smith, Alonzo D.
Smith, Anthony W.
Smith, Anthony W.
Smith, Anthony W.
Smith, Anthony W.
Smith, Harry
Smith, Hiram
Smith, James
Smith, James H.
Smith, John
Smith, John H.
Smith, Joseph R.
Smith, Lewis
Smith, Lewis E.
Smith, Luther
Smith, Oscar B.
Smith, Viat E.
Smith, Willard
Snyder, Valentine
Southward, Joseph
Sovereign, Frederick
Soward, John H.
Spangle, Moses
Sparks, John
Spath, John
Spear, Charles S.
Spears, Cornelius
Spence, Washington
Spencer, Albert
Spencer, Oramus H.
Spicer, Jesse R.
Spinner, William
Spray, Banister
Squiers, Edwin V.
Squire, Edwin S.
Squires, Erwin V.
Stallcup, Benjamin
Stanley, William
Stegler, John A.
Stephens, Hiram W.
Stevens, Fernando C.
Stevens, William
Stevens, William W.
Stevens, William W.
Stewart, Charles E.
Stillwell, Samuel S.
Stinchcomb, Charles
Stoddard, Henry
Stoddard, Henry S.
Stoddard, Henry S.
Stoddard, John
Stoddard, Lewis S.
Stoddard, Robert
Stoddard, William
Stoddart, Lewis
Storms, Judson D.
Street, Wesley
Streeter, William
Stroud, Thomas
Stuart, William A.
Sturdevant, Solomon
Sullivan, Matthew
Suman, Isaac C. B.
Summer, James B.
Sutton, Addison P.
Sutton, John M.
Sweet, John R.
Swisher, Jackson
Taylor, John W.
Teeter, John
Teming, Rudolph
Temple, Palmer
Terrica, William
Thatcher, Alexander
Thatcher, Allen S.
Thatcher, Baker
Thatcher, David
Thatcher, Manford
Thatcher, Samuel J.
Theil, Theodore
Thomas, John S.
Thomas, Wesley D.
Thompson, Henry A.
Thompson, Peter
Thompson, Peter
Thompson, Sidney P.
Thornton, Stephen
Tidball, John W.
Tilison, Homer H.
Tillotson, Henry H.
Tompkins, Lawrence
Torpy, John
Trager, George
Triece, George A.
Trinkle, Leander
Turner, James
Turner, Joseph
Turner, William
Underwood, James H.
Underwood, William H.
Uran, James
Urbahaus, John C.
Van Loon, Daniel
Van Ness, Israel
Vanater, Thomas
Vanatter, James A.
Vanderbark, John
Vandolson, Enos F.
VanWicklin, Benjamin
Vistal, Lafayette
Vore, Thomas
Vorhes, Benjamin
Waiter, Oliver
Wallace, Frank W.
Wallace, Hiram W.
Wallace, John
Walters, Jacob
Walters, Lewis
Walters, Philip
Warneck, John M.
Watson, Wesley M.
Waugh, William
Weaver, Samuel
Webb, Delarma
Welch, Michael
Welch, Michael
Wessels, Owen
Wheeler, Charles
Wheeler, Charles W.
Wheeler, Charles W.
Wheeler, Elias
Wheeler, George
Wheeler, William E.
Whitcomb, Orletus P.
White, Ambrose S.
White, Charles F.
White, Charles W.
White, Harvey
White, Joseph
Whitmore, Andrew
Whitmore, Nathan G.
Wick, Jacob
Wier, John H.
Willey, Joseph H.
Williamson, Emanuel
Williamson, Emanuel M.
Williamson, James T.
Williamson, William J.
Willits, Henry J.
Wilson, Stephen C.
Winslow, George
Winter, Alfred R.
Wise, Henry W.
Wise, Samuel
Wise, Samuel
Wise, Samuel
Wise, William A.
Witham, Simon
Wood, David W.
Wood, Haynes P.
Wood, Lewis
Wood, Lyman T.
Wood, William C.
Woodruff, Samuel
Wooster, Irvin
Worster, Hiram
Worster, William
Yates, Johnathon
Yorgenson, Hans
Young, Albert
Young, Charles E.
Young, George C.
Young, Martin
Zea, Joseph U.


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