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G. H. STONER, M. D. Both Dr. G. H. Stoner and his father, Henry Stoner, are natives of Porter county. Henry Stoner, Junior, was born in Centre township and is still a resident of that district. His father Daniel Stoner, was an Ohioan who came from his native Montgomery county to Indiana in the days when the state was still one of the newer communities. He settled near Sager's Mill, and passed the remainder of his life in his adopted state. His son, Henry, when he grew to manhood, united his fortunes to those of Miss Mary Hayden, of LaPorte county by birth, but for years previous to her marriage a resident of Porter county. Both are still living, as are all of their five children. Of these, John D. Stoner is a merchant of Valparaiso; Abbie is the wife of M. D. Bartholomew, also a resident of this county; Frederick M. is engaged in business with his brother in Valparaiso, and Nellie is at home.

Dr. Stoner is the fourth in point of age, and was born on September 5, 1874. His is the typical history of the sturdy type who compose the great body of the energetic and capable middle-westerners. He grew up on the home farm and alternated attendance upon its manifold duties with going to the district school. Like most Americans of his class and resources, he received higher educational advantages than were to be obtained in the country institutions. Mr. Stoner attended the Valparaiso high school and then the Valparaiso University. He finished the scientific course there in 1894; three years later received his degree in pharmacy, and then entered Wabash College at Crawfordsville, Indiana, from which he was, graduated in 1901.

The two years succeeding his completion of college work Mr. Stoner -- for he was not yet an M. D., -- was at Fremont, Nebraska, in which city he held the position of professor of science in Fremont College. He had determined to enter the medical profession, however, and so he gave up his pedagogic work to enter the Chicago College of Physicians and Surgeons, so renowned as a centre of medical achievement. Dr. Stoner graduated in 1905, and upon finishing his studies in the class room obtained the post which is perhaps most coveted by all the graduates of Chicago's schools of medicine, that of interne in the Cook County Hospital. Dr. Stoner had the advantage of a year and a half in this great institution, in which one can gain nearly a lifetime of experience, measured by what is to be obtained in private work in smaller communities. The experience was not wasted in Dr. Stoner's case, as his subsequent career has proven. It is forbidden to the physician to advertise of his skill or to tell of his cures; his is the one profession which has not yielded in some degree to the pressure of commercialism, although of course advertising is not permitted to the other learned trades. Still, it is universally conceded that the medical body stands for the highest ideals, in service and training, and is expected to give more to the world than any other, and to its credit be it said that the expectation is fulfilled.

Since leaving Chicago Dr. Stoner has practiced in Valparaiso, and has taken his place here among the men who make the profession the honored calling that it is. He belongs to the county and to the state medical societies, and is interested in all that makes for the advance of the profession, as well as his personal success.

His fraternal affiliations include the Masons, the Elks and the college fraternity, the Phi Gamma Delta, to which he was pledged at Wabash College. He is also a member of the honorary scholarship fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa.

Source: Lewis Publishing Company. 1912. History of Porter County, Indiana: A Narrative Account of its Historical Progress, its People and its Principal Interests. Chicago, Illinois: Lewis Publishing Company. 881 p.
Page(s) in Source: 523-524

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