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Transcribed biography of Nancy Shuey

(From the "Designer," October, 1903.)
One Woman's Gift.

A life to be proud of is that of Mrs. Nancy Shuey, aged 86. Mrs. Shuey was never blessed with children of her own, but for sixty years she has devoted her whole time and energies to caring for other people's children. She has reared and educated 25 orphans, 9 of whom were married at her home at Kouts, Indiana. When asked how she happened to take such an interest in these children, she said with a benevolent twinkle in her eye: "Well, I just got interested in the poor little things, and the more I did for them, the more I wanted to do. I felt I could do some good that way and I am not sorry I tried it. I raised and educated 25 of themó14 boys and 11 girls. All but 3 of them are still living, scattered about over the country. And the best of it is they are all doing well, and every one of them is grateful. They all turned out to be industrious, honorable men and women and are good citizens." In other words, this woman has been a whole orphan asylum in herself. Motherless herself, she has done the work of a dozen ordinary mothers. That she has been a real mother is attested by the fact that her "children" are "all doing well and every one of them is grateful." Herein is real philanthropy. This woman has not simply given money, she has given herself.

Sent to the author by Mrs. Lutie Morris.

Source: Shuey, D. B. 1919. History of the Shuey Family in America, From 1732 to 1919. Second Edition. Galion, Ohio: D. B. Shuey. 381 p.
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Biography transcribed by Steven R. Shook


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