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FREM0NT D. SAWYER. The entire life of Mr. Sawyer has been spent within the confines of Porter county, and he is the second generation of an early family whose members for more than half a century have labored in the material development and contributed to the civic and social welfare of this community.

Fremont D. Sawyer was born in Porter township, July 16, 1856, the year in which John C. Fremont was the first presidential standardbearer of the Republican party. He was the youngest of fourteen children, seven sons and seven daughters born to James and Polly Alvira (Aylesworth) Sawyer. Five of the children are still living, the other four being: Orilla, of Cobb, Missouri, the widow of Ace Frye; Louisa C., of Boone, Iowa, the widow of Lewis Jones; William L., who has a family and is now a retired farmer residing in Boone Grove, this county; and Sylvia R., the wife of Henry Cobb, of Boone, Iowa.

James Sawyer, the father, was born in New York state in 1806, and died in 1895. The recipient during boyhood of a good practical education, he became a teacher in Ohio, but his regular occupation through most of his life was as farmer and mechanic. After attaining manhood he left his native state, spent some years in Ohio, where he was married, and then moved to Porter county, where he inherited eighty acres of land from his mother. During the remainder of his active career he was successfully engaged in farming, and as the result of his industry added eighty acres to his original estate, so that his farm in Porter township comprised about a quarter section of land. He was a man of varied experience. During the gold discoveries in California he drove a team across the plains, and after spending eighteen months in the Eldorado returned by way of the isthmus of Panama and thence to New York and home. He and his wife were members and liberal supporters of the old Boone Grove Christian church. His wife and the mother of the children above mentioned was born in Wayne county, Ohio, in 1816, and her death occurred in 1891. Both parents now rest in the Boone Grove cemetery, where stones mark their graves.

Fremont D. Sawyer received his early education in the common schools of this county, and at an early age began his practical career as a farmer. At the age of twenty-five, on January 27, 1881, he married Miss Catherine Quinn, and they became the parents of three children. The only son, named Robert Fremont, died when four months old. Pearl Belle, the older daughter, received her diploma from the common schools in 1901 and was graduated with the class of 1904 from the Boone Grove high school. For the past five years she has been one of the able young teachers of Porter township. She has also studied the piano and violin in the Valparaiso University, and is a young lady of varied capabilities. She is a member of the Christian church. Mabel Q., the younger daughter, was graduated from the grade schools in 1904 and from the Boone Grove high school in 1907. She has studied both vocal and instrumental music in the Valparaiso University, and is likewise a member of the Christian church.

Mrs. Sawyer, like her husband, is a native of Porter county, where she was born August 7, 1850, and her parents were Robert and Catharine (Phillips) Quinn. She was reared and educated in this county, and she and Mr. Sawyer began their married life on their present homestead, his birthplace. They went in debt to purchase the place from the other heirs, but by diligence and economy not only canceled the obligations but have been able to improve the farm into one or the best country homes in the township. In 1906 was erected the modern residence, which is comfortable and home-like and is lighted with acetylene gas. The Sawyer farm is known as "The Maples," and is situated six and a half miles from Valparaiso. It comprises one hundred and fifty-two and a half acres, and under its present capable proprietors is the abode of prosperity and good cheer.

Mr. Sawyer cast his first presidential vote for James A. Garfield, and has supported Republican policies ever since, having also served as a delegate in the county conventions. He and his wife are members of the Christian church, and Mrs. Sawyer is known as one of the active workers in that congregation. The Sawyer home is one of the delightful social centers of the township, and the family represent the qualities which constitute the truest citizenship and contributes the best elements to the welfare of Porter county.

Source: Lewis Publishing Company. 1912. History of Porter County, Indiana: A Narrative Account of its Historical Progress, its People and its Principal Interests. Chicago, Illinois: Lewis Publishing Company. 881 p.
Page(s) in Source: 461-462

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