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Hugo E. Sanden, formerly a partner in the Schwene Hardware Company of Ogden, belongs to that class of men known as self-made, for he had no special advantages at the outset of his career and no capital to aid him when he started out in business on his own account. He has worked persistently and energetically and at all times has kept in mind the old adage that honesty is the best policy.

Mr. Sanden was born in Marshall county, Kansas, September 25, 1879, and is a son of the Rev. P. J. and Amelia (Aurell) Sanden, who were natives of Sweden. Crossing the Atlantic to the new world in 1865, the father made his way to Chicago, where he was employed in a furniture factory. Later he removed to Minnesota, where he took up a homestead claim, and while in that state he also taught school for some time. He afterward went to Paxton, Illinois, where he entered the Theological Seminary and was graduated therefrom. Having thus qualified for the work of the ministry, he received and accepted a call from the Swedish Lutheran church at Chariton, Iowa, where he continued as pastor for four or five years. On the expiration of that period he went to Kansas, where he purchased land which he cultivated for ten years. During that time he also engaged in preaching, his salary being but fifty dollars per year. While there he was ordained and was elected a missionary, after which he organized churches in Missouri, working there for moral development and progress at the time that Jesse James was carrying on his reign of lawlessness and violence. At a subsequent date Mr. Sanden went to Marshall county, Kansas, where he purchased a farm, which he operated for nine years, and at the same time continued to preach on Sundays. In the fall of 1887 he went to Porter, Indiana, where he engaged in the work of the ministry until April 8, 1891. At that date he came to Ogden, Boone county, and for six and a half years engaged in preaching in Swede valley in Marcy township. On the expiration of that period he retired from the active work of the ministry and also to some extent from business affairs, removing to Texas, where he purchased fifteen acres of land. He only remained in the southwest for two years, however, after which he returned to this state, settling at Spencer, Iowa, where he engaged in preaching for four years. He then retired permanently and removed to Moingona, Iowa, where he resided until his death, which occurred on the 9th of May, 1911. His life was well worthy of emulation, for his influence was ever on the side of right, progress, justice and truth, and his teaching bore good fruits among those with whom he was associated. His widow survives him and yet makes her home in Ogden.

Hugo E. Sanden acquired his education in various places according to the removals of his parents. He afterward went to .Moline, Illinois, where he was employed in a furniture factory for some time and on the 17th of March, 1902, he came to Ogden, where he has since made his home. Here he sought and obtained employment in the hardware store of William Schwene, his salary being five dollars per month at first. He remained with William Schwene for three and a half years and then went upon the road as a traveling salesman for the Majestic Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, continuing in that connection for a year. He afterward returned to Ogden and purchased an interest in the Schwene Hardware Company, the partners thereof at that time being Mr. Sanden, Charles Lindholm and William Schwene. Some time later the last named was killed and was succeeded by his brother, John F., who took his interest in the store. Mr. Sanden was manager of the business until they sold out recently.

On the 24th of October, 1909, Mr. Sanden was united in marriage to Miss Dora Clark of Perry, Iowa, a daughter of Elmer T. and Mattie (Miller) Clark, the former a native of Ohio, whence he came to Iowa, settling in Jones county at an early day in the period of its development. Later he removed to Ogden and subsequently began farming in Union township, Boone county, owning and operating his place until 1911, when he retired and removed to Perry. His wife also survives.

Mr. and Mrs. Sanden are well known in Ogden and have an extensive circle of warm friends which insures to them the hospitality of the best homes of the city. Mr. Sanden belongs to the Knights of Pythias lodge, gives his political allegiance to the republican party and attends the Congregational church. He is always found with those movements and measures which are indorsed by public opinion as worthy of support. In manner he is genial, courteous and social, and those qualities have won for him personal popularity.

Source: Goldthwait, Nathan Edward. 1914. History of Boone County, Iowa. Volume II. Chicago, Illinois. Pioneer Publishing Company. 705 p.
Page(s) in Source: 266-267

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