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PHILO M. ROBINSON, deceased, was for many years a respected citizen of Union township, Porter county, Indiana, his life here spanning more than half a century. It was in Rutland county, Vermont, in 1825, that Mr. Robinson first saw the light, and from there, when a small boy, he was brought by his migrating parents, Otis and Betsey Robinson, to Indiana. Otis Robinson pre-empted eighty acres of land in Porter county, to which he added by purchase, making a tract of one hundred and forty acres, its location being in section 12 of Union township. This farm is now held by Philo M. Robinson's widow. Here the Robinson home was established in true pioneer style and a large family of children reared, their names in order of birth being as follows: Chloe, Harrison, Philo, Rawlin, Gilbert, Myron, Morris, LeRoy and Betsey.

Another pioneer family of Porter county was that of George N. Underwood. He had immigrated from Canada to Michigan, and from Michigan in June, 1844, came to Indiana, taking up his residence in Valparaiso when that now flourishing town could boast of only one store and one church. The church was Presbyterian, was equipped with slab seats, and was in charge of Elder Brown, who was its pastor for a period of twenty-one years. George N. Underwood was a shoemaker by occupation, which he followed up to the time of his death, at the age of forty-eight years. He and his good wife, Ann (Kenedy) Underwood, were the parents of seven sons and four daughters, namely: Thomas, Sarah, George, Editha, Aaron, William H., Abigail, Benton, Mary, James and Asa. The daughter Editha was three and a half years of age when the family left Canada, she having been born there in May, 1834. At Valparaiso she grew to womanhood, and in 1855 became the wife of Philo M. Robinson.

Mr. and Mrs. Robinson began their wedded life at the old Robinson homestead, where she still maintains her residence. He died here in 1892. In the early days they had few luxuries. But to the young people life looked hopeful, and they worked and planned and prospered, in time having a substantial home with attractive surroundings. Three sons and three daughters were born to them: Clarissa, Marian and Cassius, who died in early manhood and womanhood, at the ages respectively of twenty-three, twenty-six and twenty years; Carina, who died at the age of three years; and Louis and George.

Louis Robinson resides on his mother's estate and superintends the farming operations. He married Miss Lucretia Deardorff, and they have nine children: Harrison, John, Philo, Gilbert, Millard, Kenneth, Ralph, Hazel and Allan.

George married Augusta Cole and resides at Wheeler, Porter county, where he has been postmaster several years. Their children are Gertrude, Grace, Norman, Leo, Duwane, Otho, Bonita, Elda and Edith May.

Mr. and Mrs. Philo M. Robinson reared, besides their own family, a German orphan girl, who is now the wife of Henry Marquart and the mother of two children, Anna and Bessie. Mrs. Robinson also has two great-grandchildren -- Elwood Robinson and a little boy -- son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfrede Gott. With her children and grandchildren near her, and with a large circle of friends, she exercises her hospitality to the gratification of them all. Her good judgment and her great kindness of heart have long made her a dependable influence for good in the community.

Philo M. Robinson in his day was a public-spirited man, one whose integrity was never questioned. For years he served as township trustee, being elected on the Republican ticket.

Source: Lewis Publishing Company. 1912. History of Porter County, Indiana: A Narrative Account of its Historical Progress, its People and its Principal Interests. Chicago, Illinois: Lewis Publishing Company. 881 p.
Page(s) in Source: 723-724

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