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Charles and Caroline (Lena) Reglein immigrated to the United States from Germany around the middle of the nineteenth century. They met in the states and were married here, and first settled in Otis, Indiana. They later moved to Chesterton, Indiana, where they built their home. They had thirteen children, two who died in infancy.

Their eleven children are as follows, beginning with the oldest: The eldest daughter was Annie. She married Fred Timm and they had three children. They are Florence, Alice and Harry. Florence, now deceased, has one daughter, Mrs. Bob (Nancy) Johnson.

The eldest son was Henry. He married Bessie Long, and they have one daughter Vera. Vera married Arvid Erickson, and they have two sons, Corky and Douglas.

The next daughter was Lizzie. She married Louis Shultz, and they had seven children, two who died in infancy, Edwin and Effie. The others are Glen, Phoebe, Mabel, Leo and Robert. Glen, now deceased, married Eva Sinclair and had no children. Phoebe married Forrest Larson and had two daughters, Edwina and Cleon. Mabel married Rev. Alfred Hardt, and they had two daughters, Dorothy Ann and Audrey. Leo married Mary Wozniak, and has two sons, Donald and Richard. Robert married Marian Stephens, and has a son Robert and a daughter Patty.

Louis married Hattie Groose. To this union were born two daughters, Leona and Thelma. Leona married Charles Granat and they have five children, Charlyce, Gary, Bruce, Gayle and Jaclyn. Thelma is now married to Henry Wilson, and has five children by previous marriages, namely, Brent, Morris, James and Wanda Medley and Louis Jarrett.

August married Lillie Harbrecht. They had three children, Loretta who died in infancy, and Evelyn and Charles. Evelyn married Knute Oness and they have two children, Barbara and Terry. Charles married Vietta Schroeder, and they have two children, John and Diana.

Emma married Tom Brooks and they had six children. Marvin married Loretta Coleman and they have one daughter, Beverly. Ruth married Martin Ericson, and they have two daughters, Kay and Gayle. Roy married Leona Wickberg, and they have two daughters, Phyllis and Judy. Thomas married Mae Targarrt, and they have two sons Craig and Clifford, and one daughter Carol. Howard married Rita Milzarek, and they have two boys, Danny and Russell, and one girl Kathy. Ralf married Dolores Grieger, and they have a daughter Bonnie.

Fred was first married to Olive. They had two children, Eugene and Mildred. He was later married to Anna Heath.

Arthur was married twice. First marriage was to Florence Johnson, and they had a daughter, Loretta. He later married Letitia Singer, and they have a son Ronald.

Edward was the youngest son. He was married twice and had no children. First marriage was to Laura Silk and the second to Winona Hess.

Minnie was first married to Verne Rodgers and they had one son, Verne. Her second marriage was to Roy Jackson.

Ella was first married to Charles Hobsen, and her second marriage was to Robert Baughman. She has no children.

Source: American Revolution Bicentennial Committee of Porter County. 1976. A Biographical History of Porter County, Indiana. Valparaiso, Indiana: American Revolution Bicentennial Committee of Porter County, Inc. 180 p.
Page(s) in Source: 147-148

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Biography transcribed by Steven R. Shook


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