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Transcribed biography of Martin Luzerne Phares

MARTIN LUZERNE PHARES was born in Liberty Township, Porter Co., Ind., March 28, 1854. From the age of six until in December, 1872, he attended the district school, at which date he was engaged to teach at Salt Creek, four miles away. Teaching at this place three terms, he went, in the spring of 1874, in company with a friend, A. P. Bond (the winter previous, Mr. Phares' pupil) to the "pineries" Oceana County, Mich. Here Mr. Phares taught one term, then returned and took charge of the school in which two years before he had been a pupil. Here he was engaged for or five terms; also again at Salt Creek, and in other schools of the county, until, in 1881, he accepted the Superintendency of Schools at Chesterton. This position he now holds. Mr. Phares' higher schooling was principally at the Valparaiso Normal, beginning with the first term of that institution, in September, 1873, and continuing, alternately with teaching, until in the spring of 1880. His attendance here amounted to about three years, his work being such as he believed would be of greatest practical utility. Politically, with the principles of the Republican party taught him from early childhood, to which principles and their triumphs he continues warmly attached, he became an early convert to the National party, first voting with it in 1880. At this writing, he is the candidate of his party for the office of County Clerk, and was made a candidate a few years ago for County Superintendent, making a remarkably good race, but, on account of the weakness of his party only, was defeated. Mr. Phares is a young man of more than ordinary ability and promise; being a hard, thorough student, he has become one of the best teachers in the county, taking an active interest in, and studying political questions in a logical manner. As a writer, he uses logical reasoning, and accurate, exact expressions, having been connected with newspaper work for some time. He has been one of the leaders in the County Teachers' Association, standing high in esteem of those who know him, as a strictly moral and conscientious young man.

Source: Goodspeed, Weston A., and Charles Blanchard. 1882. Counties of Porter and Lake, Indiana: Historical and Biographical, Illustrated. Chicago, Illinois: F. A. Battey & Company. 771 p.
Page(s) in Source: 308-309

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Biography transcribed by Steven R. Shook


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