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Transcribed biography of Charles H. Parker

C. H. PARKER COMPANY - The C. H. Parker Company, manufacturers of paints, varnishes and enamels, was founded by Charles H. Parker, who first came to Porter, Indiana, in 1869 to operate a brick yard, and in 1871 disposed of this interest to a Chicago firm which was interested in the reconstruction of Chicago buildings after the fire of 1871. Shortly thereafter Mr. Parker decided to manufacture paint; he was assisted in his first venture by Mr. Heath of the firm of Heath-Milligan Paint Company of Chicago, who gave him practical advice and started him off in the right direction. The company moved to Valparaiso from Chicago in 1889, the original incorporators of this concern being: C. H. Parker, president; M. F. Parker, secretary-treasurer; and William H. Johnson. The business gradually developed into one of importance, and has grown with the years until it commands a conspicuous place in that industry today. The founder of this enterprise passed away in 1916, and his wife died in 1923. E. M. and C. H. Parker, the sons of C. H. Parker, now direct the concern; M. F. Parker, another son, passed away in 1914. Their chief lines of manufacture are special paints and enamels for the industrial trade; asphaltum base paints, varnishes and japans, air drying and baking; paint grinders, liquids for the paint manufacturers, and core oils for the foundry trade.

Source: Cannon, Thomas H., H. H. Loring, and Charles J. Robb. 1927. History of the Lake and Calumet Region of Indiana Embracing the Counties of Lake, Porter and Laporte. Volume II. Indianapolis, Indiana: Historians' Association. 827 p.
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Biography transcribed by Steven R. Shook


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