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HARRY L. PAGE: Born in Connecticut (Sept. 26, 1895), son of physician father and author mother. Educated at the Hotchkiss Preparatory School and Yale University. Member of Phi Chi chapter of Beta Theta Pi. Baptized in and attended Episcopal Church, Litchfield, Connecticut.

Course at Yale was interrupted by World War I wherein he served for the duration as a flying officer pilot and instructor. Was recipient of not only the traditional silver wing but, also, the sparsely issued "Gosport" instructor gold wing. Following the war, he engaged in extra-curricular studies and simultaneous practical training in heat exchange engineering.

Moved to California and in 1937 became interested in how to give lasting stability and retention to lower dentures. Through the application of known laws in physics and hydrostatics, he evolved the impression principle that is now known the world over as "Mucostatics." With stable and retentive denture bases, he discovered there was much to be desired in their articulation. In 1950, he invented the "Transograph" -- an instrument designed to record, copy and duplicate all movements of the human jaw and upon which not only natural teeth but also artificial teeth may be articulated and occluded for each individual patient.

He is the author of a monograph and numerous articles on Mucostatics and nearly 30 of his articles on articulation and Transographics have been published, translated and reprinted in foreign languages since 1951. He has been a guest lecturer and clinician before scores of formal and informal dental groups and dental faculties from Coast to Coast.

Now retired, living at 104 Garfield Avenue with wife Mary Cowdrey Page whom he married in 1948. Member of Barracks No. 2106, Veterans of World War I. Enjoys golf, fishing and travel and continued research into dental problems.

Great-greatgrandson of Capt. Daniel Page (Revolutionary War), Harry Page's most notable ancestor is likely Cyrus W. Field who laid the Atlantic cable.

MARY DELITE (COWDREY) PAGE: Born in Valparaiso (Feb. 1, 1907) daughter of Arthur W. Cowdrey and Martha Mae (Thatcher) Cowdrey. Graduated in 1926 from Valparaiso High School and attended Gregg Business College, Chicago. Inactive member of Kappa Kappa Kappa. Baptized in and attended First Christian Church, Valparaiso, where grandfather, Daniel Thatcher, served as deacon in original church on Franklin Street.

Was employed by Farmers State Bank in temporary quarters in the Szold Building following the destruction of the bank in the Academy Block fire. Her father, Arthur W. Cowdrey, was cashier in that bank. Later worked in Dime Savings Bank in Detroit and the Central Trust and Savings Bank in Chicago. The depression and bank closures caused her to accept an accounting position with a dental supply company in Chicago, and later became a saleslady for another dental firm. Through that connection, she met Harry L. Page whom she married.

The family home, 104 Garfield Avenue, was purchased in 1894 -- the last house on "East Street" (as Garfield was then named) -- by Daniel and Martha Jane (Young) Thatcher who with his mother, Deborah Ann Thatcher, lived and died there. Their daughter, Martha Mae Thatcher and Arthur W. Cowdrey were married there in 1905. Their daughter, Mary Delite, was born there, the fourth generation to occupy the house. Her father, Mr. Cowdrey died there in 1938 and Mrs. Cowdrey passed on in January, 1975. Both of Mrs. Page's great-greatgrandfathers (Pvt. Amos Thatcher and Col. John William Cowdrey) served in the Revolutionary War. In his diary, Col. Cowdrey reveals that he was a spy for General Washington and, also, he was one of the men, disguised as an Indian, who "threw overboard from a vessel in Boston Harbor its cargo of tea as a protest gainst the tax on that article, which the British parliament has imposed."

Submitted by Harry L. Page

Source: American Revolution Bicentennial Committee of Porter County. 1976. A Biographical History of Porter County, Indiana. Valparaiso, Indiana: American Revolution Bicentennial Committee of Porter County, Inc. 180 p.
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Biography transcribed by Steven R. Shook


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