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Transcribed biography of Charles Osborn

CHARLES OSBORN removed from Tennessee to Ohio, in 1816, and in 1819 to the township of Perry, and settled on the land on which the town of Economy now stands. In 1825 he laid out the town, as proprietor, to which he made an addition in 1829, and another in 1834. After many years' residence there, he removed to Michigan, and a few years after to Porter county, Ind. [Dates of birth and death not obtained.] His sons were, James, who was married, and died in Iowa; Josiah, married, moved to Michigan, and died there; John, married, resides in Economy; Isaiah, married, resided there until his decease in 1846; Elijah and Gideon, married, live in Cass county, Michigan; Charles N. and Parker, who reside in Wilmington, Ohio; Jordan, Benjamin, deceased. Daughters: Sarah, who married James Bonine; Anna, wife of Jesse East; Cynthia, who married -------- Singerfuse; Narcissa, who died in Economy at the age of 12. In 1831, all the children of Charles Osborn were living and were present at a dinner at his house. He was a preacher in the society of Friends.

[The names of two of Charles Osborn's children have probably been omitted in the above list.]

Source: Young, Andrew White. 1872. History of Wayne County, Indiana, From Its First Settlement to the Present Time: With Numerous Biographical and Family Sketches. Cincinnati, Ohio: Robert Clarke & Company. 459 p.
Page(s) in Source: 313

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Biography transcribed by Steven R. Shook


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