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Transcribed biography of James R. Malone

JAMES R. MALONE, grain-dealer and farmer, is the eldest son of Wilson Malone, deceased, one of the pioneers of Porter County. His birth, February 7, 1843, occurred in this county, and he was here reared to manhood. When twenty years old, he went to Montana Territory, where for five years he was engaged in mining. In 1867, returned, and January 1, 1868, married Miss Mary E. Smith, and settled down to farming, at which he continued until 1876. In that year, he was the choice of the Democratic party for County Sheriff, and, although Porter County usually gives a Republican majority of 500, he was elected, and re-elected with increased majority, serving in all for years. Since that time he has been dealing in grain and looking after his farm, which consists of 700 acres in Boone Township. To his union with Miss Smith there have been born eight children - Charley (dead), Kittie, Bessie, Wilson, Henry, Richard, James D. and Frank. One of the interesting epochs in his life occurred while a miner. On one expedition, while the country was yet excited over the "Gallatin massacre" by the Indians, he and seven others were followed by a score or more of red-skins for over two days, but by the vigilance of the whites they were not able to make an attack with any degree of safety to themselves. The Indians then gave up the pursuit, but a number of others followed, out of sight, and one night succeeded in capturing four horses belonging to the whites. They were pursued, and after a long chase, captured and on vote, it was decided to hang the thieves. While Mr. Malone was pinioning the legs of one, the Indian managed to draw a concealed knife, which he plunged into the side of Mr. Malone, inflicting a dangerous wound from which he was not able to leave his cot for four weeks. The red-skin was promptly shot, and the others were soon dangling at the ends of ropes from convenient trees.

Source: Goodspeed, Weston A., and Charles Blanchard. 1882. Counties of Porter and Lake, Indiana: Historical and Biographical, Illustrated. Chicago, Illinois: F. A. Battey & Company. 771 p.
Page(s) in Source: 258

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Biography transcribed by Steven R. Shook


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