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Among those of foreign birth who brought with them to this country the sturdy habits of independence, integrity and industry which have ever marked the native Swede, it is a gratification to be able to name Mr. Lindall, whose fine farm of 211 acres has been acquired through his own efforts, and is one of the very best of Porter County. He is possessed of those advanced ideas and progressive principles regarding agricultural life necessary to success in the calling, and in every walk of life he has conducted himself in an honorable and upright manner. He was born in Smoland, Sweden, in 1846, being one of ten children born to Bangt and Sarah Lindall, who were among the more prosperous farmers of the community in which they lived, being freeholders, and as such, not of the large class of tenant farmers, of which there are many in that country. The children of the family were as follows: Ingry, Braty, Martha, Anna, Hannah, Julia, Mary, Nalle, Peter J., and Charley. Of these Ingry, Mary and Peter J. came to America, the latter in 1868, and the others some years later. Both parents died in the old country in 1888, the former at the age of 88 years, and the latter at the age of 83. At the time of Peter's removal to this country, he was not very well-to-do financially, for he borrowed the money for his passage across the ocean, and his fare on the railroad from New York City to Chesterton, amounting to about $60. On his arrival here, he was engaged for a time in chopping wood, and later worked on a brick-yard, at which he received good wages. In 1869 he hired out to a Mr. Nelson Barnard to do farm work, and here he made his services so valuable and showed himself so trustworthy, that Mr. Barnard would frequently trust him with the management of his large farming operations while he was away on extended trips in the pursuit of business or pleasure. With this gentleman he remained until the fall of 1871, when he went to railroading, at which work he remained about one year. In the fall he was married to Anna Nelson, daughter of John and Lena Nelson, which family were of the same nationality as Mr. Lindall, and also from the same neighborhood. To our subject and his wife a family of three children were born: Emma, born August 27, 1872; John, born June 6, 1875; and Charles, born November 22, 1877. In 1881 both Mrs. Lindall and her mother, Mrs. Nelson, died, but Mr. Nelson still survives and makes his home with his son-in-law, Mr. Lindall. In 1882 Mr. Lindall took for his second wife Mrs. Anna S. Bowman, and to them five children have been born: William Sexton, born November 5, 1882; Selma, born February 26, 1884; Living Lhuter, born April 2, 1886; Oscar Levi Harrison, born July 26, 1888; and Anna Huldah Esther, born December 8, 1891. Mrs. Lindall had five children by her first husband: Peter John, born January 5, 1866; Karl August, born March 31, 1868; Gustaf Lorance, born May 9, 1871; William, born November 8, 1873; and Samuel Edward, born February 2, 1875. Mr. Lindall has been a very successful business man, and has made various sales and purchases of real estate, and is now the owner of the fertile and admirably kept farm above referred to, all of which has been acquired in a comparatively short time. Besides, he has paid the passage of twelve persons from his native land to this country, and has cleared up and made tillable 149 acres of timber land. He has a neat and comfortable residence, good out-buildings of all kinds, and in looking over his place one can plainly see that a man of thrift, energy and enlightened views has control of affairs. He is decidedly well informed, is a Republican in politics, and in 1892 was elected a Commissioner of Porter County, and that, too, in a year when it seemed to be a Waterloo for every Republican aspirant for office. He is a Lutheran in his religious belief, is secretary of that church at Chesterton, and when the church built there in 1878 was one of the trustees and a member of the building committee. He is now forty-eight years of age, is a model of health and strength, and to all appearances has a long life of usefulness before him.

Source: Goodspeed Brothers. 1894. Pictorial and Biographical Record of La Porte, Porter, Lake and Starke Counties, Indiana. Chicago, Illinois: Goodspeed Brothers. 569 p.
Page(s) in Source: 234-235

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Biography transcribed by Steven R. Shook


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