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AMOS B. LANTZ, a county commissioner, has been a resident of Porter county, Indiana, for one-half a century and he is so well known as an honorable gentleman, as well as an efficient county commissioner, that he needs no introduction to the citizens of his adopted county.

Agriculture is the basic industry of nation, state and county, and he is a worthy exponent of this great industry. He is a successful man of affairs, as is well established in his township and county. He comes from the sterling German stock as to his progenitors, but was born in Richland county, Ohio, the home of John Sherman, whose national policies are well known by the citizens of our nation. He was born February 1, 1851, and is the second in a family of seven children, three sons and four daughters, born to Jacob and Maria (Bear) Lantz. Four children are yet living. The eldest is Franklin V., who resides in Washington, D. C., and is chief clerk in his department in the United States treasury. He graduated from DePauw University in the class of 1870, and was assistant principal of the city schools of Sullivan, Indiana. He was also editor of the Columbus Republican, at Columbus, Indiana. He received his present appointment from United States Treasurer John C. New in 1875. He wedded Miss Mary L. Sherman. He is an ardent Republican. Mr. Lantz, the subject of this review, is the next child. Then followed Lydia A., now the widow of Richard Shumake, who resides on her farm of one hundred and forty acres in Porter township. She has one son, Frank H., who wedded Miss Mary A. Pierson June 23, 1911. Mrs. Frank Shumake is by profession a trained nurse, having received her professional training at St. Bernard Hospital, Chicago; she spent a good deal of her professional career in Indiana, and is a lady admirably adapted to her profession, as she is of sunny nature, genial, cordial and of an affectionate manner. The next member of this family is Harvey, who resides in Seattle, Washington. He holds the chair of jurisprudence and equity in the State University at Seattle. He also graduated from DePauw University and then from the Kent Law School in Chicago. He was superintendent of the Spencer City schools of Owen county, Indiana, for three years. At the university in Seattle he has held the chair of law for seven years. He is a Republican.

Father Lantz was a native of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. He was born February 26, 1820, and died in Porter township, April 30, 1905. He was a boy of thirteen when his parents removed from Pennsylvania to Richland county, Ohio. He resided there until his marriage. He then purchased a farm near Blooming Grove, Morrow county, Ohio, and retained it a few years, and then sold out and came to Union township, Porter county. Here he purchased one hundred and fifteen acres and resided on this land for sixteen years. He then removed to Porter Township, obtaining eighty acres. He sold that and purchased three hundred and eleven acres, which is part of the present estate of his son Amos. Here he resided until his death. His life was devoted to agriculture and stock raising. He traced his lineage to his great-grandfather, Paul Lantz, who, by tradition, was kidnaped at the age of five years and brought to America. Politically he was a Democrat, but for his religious sentiments he withdrew from politics. Religiously he was a member of the Reformed Mennonite church. Mother Lantz was a native of Richland county, Ohio, born March 13, 1826, and she died July 30, 1910. She was reared to womanhood in her native county, and died in Porter township. Both father and mother Lantz are interred in the Shurr cemetery, Porter township, and a monument marks their last resting place.

Mr. Lantz, the subject of this sketch, was about ten years of age when he became a resident of Porter county, Indiana. He is a self-educated man, as all the educational training he received was in the public schools and what he gained for himself. He taught school for three years in Union and Porter townships, but the major part of his life has been devoted to agriculture.

He wedded Miss Celida S. Hiland, October 25, 1882, and one son was born, Brice H. This son received his diploma from the public schools in the class of 1897 and graduated from the Boone Grove high school in the class of 1901. Then he took a short agricultural course at Purdue University. He is associated with his father on the farm. Mr. and Mrs. Lantz in the goodness and kindness of their hearts took to their home Carlton Lee Nelson, a little child only four weeks old, and gave him the comforts of a nice home, educated him and fitted him for the higher walks of life. He received his diploma from the public schools in the class of 1904, and then graduated from the Boone Grove high school in the class of 1907. He then entered the city schools of Valparaiso and graduated in 1908. He fully appreciates what Mr. and Mrs. Lantz have done for him.

Mrs. Lantz was born in Fulton county, Indiana, July 30, 1861, and is the only child born to Shadrach and Mrs. Sylvania (Herendeen) (Kizar) Hiland. Mrs. Lantz's father was born in Pickaway county, Ohio, November 24, 1807, and died in Porter township October 17, 1883. He was a successful man and had eighty acres of land in the township. He was a Republican and acted as township trustee and was a member of the United Brethren church, as was also his wife. The latter, however, was born and reared a Quaker but finally joined the same church as her husband. Both of Mrs. Lantz' parents are interred in the Ludington cemetery. Her mother was a native of New York. Mrs. Lantz was but a little maiden when she became a resident of Porter county. Here she was reared and was educated in the public schools. Mrs. Lantz is a lady who loves good books and choice literature, as is seen by their library. Their home is one of culture and refinement. She is a member of the Salem Methodist Episcopal church, as is also her husband. He is a member of the official board and she has been an active worker in the Sunday-school.

Mrs. Lantz has ably filled her sphere as wife and mother in the establishment of their beautiful home and is ever ready to aid her husband in counsel and advice.

When Mr. and Mrs. Lantz began life it was on his father's homestead and this is their residence at the present time. They have remodeled the home and made it a modern residence. The barn and outbuildings are all of substantial make. The estate is known as the Hillside Home. It is seven and a half miles southwest of Valparaiso, on the Stone road, and seven miles northeast from Hebron, Indiana, In addition to their modernized home they have a twenty-two horse power Ford touring car, so they are at liberty to spin into the city or to South Bend, Chicago and any contiguous city.

Mr. Lantz is a Republican and voted for U. S. Grant, and has always done his part to advance the interests of his party. He has been selected as delegate to county and district conventions to represent his township or county. Officially he has been a valued citizen, since he was trustee of Porter township for five years, and at the present time, 1912, he is one of the board of county commissioners. He was appointed in the year 1907 and held the office two years, then was elected at the general election in 1908 to fill out Hail Bates' unexpired term, and in 1910 was re-elected and is the present incumbent. During his administration the Kankakee River Bridge over the Hebron-DeMotte road and the approaches or minor bridges were erected, at a cost of about $10,000. The Porter County Asylum, presided over by Mr. E. T. Funk, the superintendent, comes under the charge of the board of commissioners, and it is with pride that the people of Porter county can point to the beautiful and modern building for the inmates or proteges of the county.

Mr. and Mrs. Lantz are citizens who socially hold a high place in the esteem and respect of all who know them and their beautiful and hospitable home is ever open to their many friends. We are glad to add to the roster of Porter county's leading citizens the names of Mr. and Mrs. Amos B. Lantz.

Source: Lewis Publishing Company. 1912. History of Porter County, Indiana: A Narrative Account of its Historical Progress, its People and its Principal Interests. Chicago, Illinois: Lewis Publishing Company. 881 p.
Page(s) in Source: 631-634

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