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GEORGE E. HAXTON. A pleasant and affable man to meet is Mr. George E. Haxton, a farmer of section 26, Portage township, Porter county, Indiana. He was born in Valparaiso, Indiana, on March 27, 1874, the son of G. M. and Wealthy A. (Vosberg) Haxton. His father was a native of Rochester, New York, and his mother was born in Ohio. His parents were married in Ohio and then came to Porter county, Indiana, in 1870, locating on the farm which they subowned at that time. A little later they lived in Valparaiso and released their farm for three years, and then moved back to the farm again. There they spent the rest of their lives, the father dying in February, 1893, and the mother on March 27, 1898. They were quiet, unassuming farmers and stanch members of the Methodist Episcopal church. They were the parents of three girls and one boy whom they reared in that religion. Their children were: Lodema, deceased, a graduate of the Valparaiso high school. She was the wife of Mr. John Dorr. Carrie, a graduate of the Valparaiso high school, is the wife of R. H. Small. Florence is the wife of Mr. Will Jones.

George E. Haxton was reared in Valparaiso from the early age of one year and a half, and he has lived here ever since that time. He was educated in the district school until he was seventeen years of age, at which time he quit school and began to farm for his father. He purchased a part of the old home farm, and in 1893 he married Miss Laura Clifford, the daughter of Mr. D. S. Clifford and his wife, who before her marriage was Miss Martha Collum. Mrs. Haxton was born in Union township, March 11, 1873, and was educated in the district school of Union and in the Valparaiso high school and university. Five children came to bless their union. They are Marcene, born March 11, 1894, a graduate of the common school and a student in the Wheeler high school; Daniel, born January 4, 1896, also a common school graduate and a student in the Wheeler high school; Clarence, born in March, 1898; Lodema, born in July, 1899; and Mildred, born September 2, 1911.

The Haxtons are devout members of the Methodist Episcopal church, like their parents. Mr. Haxton takes an active part in the church affairs, being a member of the official board, superintendent of the Sunday-school, and he has also served in the capacity of a member of the advisory board. His life is pleasantly spent amid peaceful rural surroundings, with the added solace of religion and happy home environment.

Source: Lewis Publishing Company. 1912. History of Porter County, Indiana: A Narrative Account of its Historical Progress, its People and its Principal Interests. Chicago, Illinois: Lewis Publishing Company. 881 p.
Page(s) in Source: 766-767

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Biography transcribed by Steven R. Shook


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