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GEORGE S. HASTE - Of diversified experience in life, embracing service in the cause of his country as a soldier in the Civil war and later in other avenues of activity - all of which have bequeathed him a sense of positive service to his fellowman - the subject of this sketch was born in Preston, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada, on March 28, 1844, the son of Richard and Catherine (Schomaker) Haste, the former of English nativity and the latter of Pennsylvania. After their marriage they settled at Kenosha, Wisconsin, later in Illinois, where they remained until 1856, and then at Wapaca County, Wisconsin. In 1860 the subject of this sketch came to Valparaiso, where he became a clerk with the J. M. & G. C. Buel Company. He was at that time sixteen years of age, and four years later he entered military service in the Civil war as a Union soldier with Company C, One Hundred Thirty-eighth Indiana Infantry, and was made a corporal shortly thereafter. On the expiration of his military service he returned to Valparaiso and in 1866 became a clerk with the firm of Freeman & Hawkins.

He remained in that capacity until 1870, when he purchased the interests of Mr. Freeman, and the firm name was changed to Hawkins & Haste. A few years later James Hollett became a member of the firm, which at that time was changed to Hawkins-Haste & Company; later Mr. Hawkins retired from the firm, and it became known as Haste & Hollett. This association continued until 1892, when Mr. Haste purchased the entire interest of the business and continued to direct the concern until 1902, when he disposed of it to Ross & Cain. The building has been continuously used as an extensive hardware store since 1858. Since Mr. Haste has retired from the hardware business, he has been engaged in farming and also has dealt extensively in real estate. His service in the Civil war had given him an appreciation of the discipline of military life, and he later became a guiding member of the civilian military organizations of this community. He was one of the organizers of the Indiana National Guard and served as captain of the Valparaiso Blues for three years - a snappy organization of the early '80s. He subsequently became a member of the Third Regiment, serving for four years as major and later serving as colonel for three years. He was in command of the Indiana Brigade at the dedication of the buildings at the World's Fair at Chicago in October, 1892. His political service was as a member of the city council, and during this period most of the permanent improvements such as the construction of streets and sidewalks were made.

His marriage was with Emiline, daughter of James B. and Paulina (Carr) Hawkins of Pennsylvania, who removed to Valparaiso in 1849. There were no children born to this marriage, but they adopted an orphan, Mabel Butler, at the age of four years; she is now the wife of Don E. Minor, an attorney of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the mother of two children: Emma Jane, and Ruth Haste. Mrs. George Haste passed away on January 5, 1895. Mr. Haste is commander of Chaplain Brown Post No. 106, G. A. R., and is also a delegate to the National Encampment of the G. A. R. at Des Moines, Iowa.

Source: Cannon, Thomas H., H. H. Loring, and Charles J. Robb. 1927. History of the Lake and Calumet Region of Indiana Embracing the Counties of Lake, Porter and Laporte. Volume II. Indianapolis, Indiana: Historians' Association. 827 p.
Page(s) in Source: 233-234

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Biography transcribed by Steven R. Shook


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