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John Dille a member of the Puritan Colony that founded Woodbridge, New Jersey 1669. In the following Dille Generations I find fifty John Dilles. So figure that out if you can.

Aaron, Caleb, Samuel and John Dille crossed the Alleghenies by Braddock Road to the Ohio River at Moundsville, West Virginia. They crossed the river and founded the town of Dille, Ohio, Belmont County, now marked on the map as "the Switzerland of Ohio" on highway #7 -- always known as Dille Bottom. In 1790 about three thousand acres were here acquired by the Dille brothers. A fort was built, the exact spot where this was built is not known and one of the reasons for our several visits there. The old river road was in need of so much repair a new highway has been built about 1971 or 1972. I had some friends there who were watching the grading for the new road in hopes we would find some clue as to the forts location. None was found.

There is a church, a store, a restaurant and a motel marked Dilles. We visited two cemeterys so old not one name can be read. Just guess some are Dille graves.

Hiram Dille born July 27, 1812 in Dilles Bottom, Belmont County Ohio. Hiram came with his father and an older brother Cephas -- 1829 -- records show 165 acres of land at 1.25 per acre located in Washington Township by John Dille. Later 73 acres, 1833 and 1836, 160 acres for $200.00 and 1837 80 acres for $100.00 by Hiram Dille living in Valparaiso the rest of his life.

John Comador Dille was second son of Hiram born Sept. 1, 1836. Died June 12, 1897, buried in Chesterton cemetery. His wife was Caroline Lansing daughter of Robert Lansing, a millwright, buried in Lansing cemetery, Porter County.

Six Children of John and Caroline Dille: Birdell Dille born 1865 died 1/7/1919; June Dille Born 1/4/1864 died 2/26/1955; Neva Dille born 3/25/1869 died 10/17/1945; Roscoe Vernon Dille born 11/14/1871 died 1/6/1956; John C. Dille born 5/29/1877 died 5/14/1941. A baby girl died in infancy named Molly.

Rosco Dille married Jeanette Hyde -- 3 daughters: Lillian 2/12/1898 to 2/2/1920, Lorean Dille 3/19/1899 to 7/19/1922, Olive Dille 4/29/1900 to ----. Jeantte Hdye Dille died in 1904.

Rosco Dille married Mildred Marvin -- 2 daughters, 4 sons: Doris Idell Dille born 2/12/1914, Mary Helen Dille born 3/28/1922, Marvin Rosco Dille born 2/2/1910, Tom Vernon Dille born 8/13/1912, Howard Richard Dille born 8/13/1915, Calvin Luther Dille born 4/5/1919. Howard Richard Dille died Feb. 13, 1935. Tom Vernon Dille died Aug. 25, ----, Centralia, Illinois. Rosco Vernon Dille died Jan. 6, 1956, buried in Chesterton.

Aug. 15, 1975 -- 83 years old -- May 3, 1975. Oct. 1905 my father William C. Marvin and I came to Chicago, Illinois from Andover, Ohio. Papa was a railroad man came to drive the piling for tracks and station at Gary. They were just grading Broadway in Gary with scoops and teams of horses. We settled in Chesterton and have been here 70 years. So could write a book on the many changes in Porter County. As I am a mother, grandmother, great and great, great grandmother, it is impossible to name all with birthdays and other dates correctly.

But I do want to say for a little old orphan kid I didn't do too bad. The greatest pleasure in my life has been to have a family, Gods greatest gift. Mildred Marvin Dille Reeves.

-- Marvin R. Dille first great grandson of Hiram to have Dille name.

Source: American Revolution Bicentennial Committee of Porter County. 1976. A Biographical History of Porter County, Indiana. Valparaiso, Indiana: American Revolution Bicentennial Committee of Porter County, Inc. 180 p.
Page(s) in Source: 98-99

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