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We opened our Flower Shop in the spring of 1962. It was a new and exciting experience for all of us. I went to the American Floral Art School in Chicago, and then worked for Brands Flowers in Rensselaer. Mr. Brand was kind enough to help me by letting me work in his shop and teaching me more by doing the work, and I thank him. When we started in "1962" we remodeled one half of our garage and made it into the Flower shop. We wanted to have the business at home as we had the four children and with Richard having a full time job away from home needed to be here with them. We soon found out that it was a lot of work, and confinement and that our time was not our own. We soon adjusted our selves with the children and the shop. In a few years we had to have more room so we remodeled the whole downstairs for the shop. We could use more room but for now we will leave it as it is, maybe some day we will build on or get a larger building. Time will tell.

The seasonal things like Easter, Mother's Day, Proms, Graduation and Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Valentines Day and the Winter Cemetery decorations like the pillows and the blankets, also Decoration Day are the busy times thru the year.

We like to specialize in "Wedding Work" all styles and sizes because they are planned ahead. We also do arrangements for Birthday's -- Anniversaries -- Thank-you -- Hospitals -- Graduation -- Just Because I Love You -- Just Because You're You -- Funeral -- All kinds of corsages and hand bouquets -- Really it is Flowers for all occasions, no matter how large or small. These are done in fresh cut flowers, blooming plants, green planters, dish gardens with green plants and fresh or artificial mixed in for decorations. We also have all kinds of artificial and dried arrangements. We make special orders in the style and colors you want if we don't have it. We have terrariums and the macrame hangers and the hanging pots. For Decoration Day we have fresh and artificial made up for the cemetery, for winter we have the blankets and pillows of greens and decorated for the cemetery.

In the spring of "76" we will be starting our 14th year. When we first started I worked alone. Then I had Marge Urban help me out a little. They moved away, and the kids and Richard (Red) helped when they could. I was really lucky one day when Bernice Whited came to work with me, her husband is Alvin. They have a girl, Robin who is in college and a son Dave at home, they live in Kouts also. Bernice is a wonderful person and is a real good designer for all of the shop work. I have to say she is my right hand and I could never do it without her. She has worked for me for 6 years in March and I know she was God sent. All of our family work when they can in taking orders, making up and in deliveries.

Richard has his job as Porter County Weights and Measures Inspector of Porter Co. This is checking all the scales and gas pumps to see the customer and the owner get the right weight and measure, also checking all pre-packaged foods etc. to see the weight is right. He does help out part time when he has to and on Saturday and Sundays and evenings.

Curtis Lee was 15 when we started the shop, he is now 28 and is married to Donna Berndt from Kouts. They live in Valparaiso, Donna works for Dr. Makovsky and Curt works for Urschel Laboratories Inc.

Dennis Eugene was 13 years old when we started the shop and is now 26. He has graduated from college and has his Masters in Business Administration -- Real Estate and Brokerage license and is still taking some classes in college. He is working for the First National Bank of Chicago in large construction loans. He is not married, but has a girl Bonny Banik at Whiting, now of Chicago.

Vicki Lynn was 10 years old and is now 23. She is married to Kip Kerns of Wheatfield and they are now living in Kouts. Kip is manager of Heinold's Citgo gas station in Kouts. They have a little baby girl (Karma Rachelle) who was born on July 20th, 1975.

Cindy Jo was 6 years old and is now 19. She is finishing her schooling and working. She really likes green plants and hopes some day to have her own green plant shop or flower shop.

We belong to the St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Kouts. Richard belongs to the Kouts American Legion. We belong to the Kouts Chamber of Commerce We like Kouts very much and think it is a good place to live for the young and the old.

Come on in and look around. If we don't have what you want, we will try and do our best to get it. We aim to please and try to treat you like we like to be treated. We do have many wonderful customers and friends and we do appreciate It and we Thank each and everyone of you. God bless you one and all, and have a good '76.

Richard and Irene Claussen and Bernice Whited

Source: American Revolution Bicentennial Committee of Porter County. 1976. A Biographical History of Porter County, Indiana. Valparaiso, Indiana: American Revolution Bicentennial Committee of Porter County, Inc. 180 p.
Page(s) in Source: 89-90

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Biography transcribed by Steven R. Shook


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