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The circumstances under which the Bond family tree first took root in American soil partakes in not a little degree of the romantic. The paternal great-grandfather of Isaac V. Bond was drafted into the British army for service during the American Revolutionary War, and, though it is not definitely known from what part of England he came, it is known that he formed a part of that army that was to invade the Colonies from the south, and that with the army intended for this purpose, he landed in North Carolina as a British soldier. While on one of the marches he met a fair young woman, who captured him more completely than the best soldier in the Patriot army could have done, and at the first opportunity he deserted the British colors and took service in the American army, fighting gallantly for the cause he had espoused, until the war closed. He then returned to North Carolina, claimed his bride, and with their marriage originated this branch of the Bond family in America. To this union eleven sons were born, all of whom were over six feet in height. William, one of the sons and the grandfather of Isaac V. Bond, married Charlotte Hough, in North Carolina, and by her became the father of eight children: Mary, who married Calvin Wasson; Lydia, who married Jehiel Wasson; Sarah died at the age of seventeen years; Charlotte married Elijah Stanton; Jesse married Mary Vore; William, who married Mary Hitchcock; John, who married Ann Maria Kennedy; and Ira, who was killed by lightning at the age of twenty-two years. The family removed to Wayne County, Indiana, where they remained until 1831. While to there the father of Isaac V., Jesse Bond, was married to Mary Vore, a daughter of Jacob and Mary Vore, who were the parents four children: Isaac, John, and Mary.

From Wayne County, the family and connections, with the exception of Wasson, removed to Kalamazoo County, Michigan, where they located on farms. William, the grandfather, remained there but one year, when he came to LaPorte County, Indiana, where he bought land at the land sale and resumed the work of farming. Two years later Jesse Bond and the rest family came to LaPorte, and bought farms in the vicinity of that His children were as follows: Lydia, Sarah, Isaac V., Elisha, who died when small; Silas, William, and Eliza. Sarah and Eliza are unmarried, Lydia and William are dead; and Silas is in California, where he is extensively engaged in farming; he is married to Mary Young. Jesse Bond died at the age of sixty-nine years, and his wife at the age of seventy, both being highly respected people in the section in which they resided, and well-to-do in worldly goods. Isaac V. Bond started out in life for himself by opening a shoe store at LaPorte, but in 1850 he sold his stock and started west for California via the Isthmus of Panama and the Pacific Ocean. While on this treacherous body of water, the vessel in which they sailed was wrecked, and they were cast away on the western coast of Mexico, at Acapulco. After remaining there fifteen days, they took a life-boat and succeeded in reaching another vessel, in which they secured passage and continued their course to California. In that Eldorado of the West Mr. Bond remained nearly three years, when he returned to his former home in LaPorte County, by way of Central America and Lake Nicaragua. For some time after his return he taught school, and on the 10th of September, 1853, was united in marriage with Miss Mary E. Rogers, daughter of Aquilla William and Nancy (Arnold) Rogers. Of the Arnold family, three brothers of Mrs. Rogers were officers in the United States army in the Mexican War, and all of the Rogers family were farmers with the exception of Dr. Eph. A. Rogers, who is still a successful medical practitioner of LaPorte. Mrs. Bond died in October, 1875, at the age of forty-four years, leaving a family of three children: William A., who married Mary F. J. Atkins, and was born on the 17th of May, 1854; Frank A., born July 27, 1862, and Jessie I., born January 26, 1878. Since the death of the mother of these children, Mr. Bond has been married twice, the celebration of his marriage to his present wife occurring on the 19th of August, 1891. She was Mrs. Susan E. Whitford, and has one daughter, Charlotte E., who is the wife of William Golden. Mr. Bond is now sixty-seven years of age, and is a hale and hearty man for one of his years. He has been a Republican of long standing and unflinching devotion to the principles of his party, and though not a member of any church, he yet gives liberally of his means to all denominations. He is a member of LaPorte Lodge of the F. and A. M., in which he has attained to the Royal Arch degree. Mr. Bond and his wife are well known as extremely hospitable and kindly people, and their friends are certainly numerous throughout the section in which they live.

Source: Goodspeed Brothers. 1894. Pictorial and Biographical Record of La Porte, Porter, Lake and Starke Counties, Indiana. Chicago, Illinois: Goodspeed Brothers. 569 p.
Page(s) in Source: 183-184

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Biography transcribed by Steven R. Shook


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