Historical Images of Porter County

Wauhob Lake
Valparaiso, Indiana

Date: Circa 1915-1930
Source Type: Postcard
Publisher, Printer, Photographer: E. C. Kropp Company (#21, #17873)
Postmark: None
Collection: Steven R. Shook
Remark: Originally called Van Loon Lake, Wauhob Lake was purchased by Olcott Dillingham. William Wahoub acquired ownership of the land and lake after marrying Betsy Electa Dillingham on January 28, 1837, renaming the lake after himself. By 1876, Wauhob Lake was owned by Chauncey Elwood. Around 1900, Elwood sold his property to Isaac W. Dillingham, who also owned farm land to the north of Elwood's property. Along the western shore of Wauhob Lake ran the Valparaiso & Northern Railway's interurban line, and a station was established at the lake. At the northwest side of the lake a deep cut, known as the Wauhob Cut, was made into the hillside during the construction of the interurban line as it proceeded north to its junction at Woodville. The Wauhob Cut is visible today from County Road 700 North, east of Indiana State Road 49.

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Image and related text prepared by Steven R. Shook


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