Historical Images of Porter County

Diamond Pharmacy
Valparaiso, Indiana

Date: Circa 1890s
Source Type: Photograph
Publisher, Printer, Photographer: Unknown
Postmark: Not applicable
Collection: Steven R. Shook
Remark: It is believed that the individuals in this photograph are students of Dodge's Institute of Telegraphy, which shared the same building with Diamond Pharmacy. Individuals are identified on reverse of photograph as 1. Shuler, Ind. 2. Henry Spitler, 3. F. W. Hallett, Mich., 4. Chas. M. Rosa, Ind., 5. H. C. Johnson O. T. N. Ill., 6. W. A. Cannon, Ill., 7. F. L. McConnell, Iowa, 8. Chas. Behringer, Ind., 9. Clarence W. Skinner, Ind., 10. Rease Hastings, Ind., 11. B. C. Osborn, Ind., 12. Clarence Edrick, N.Y., 13. C. A. Caldwell, Pa., 14. Lawrence Anderson, Iowa, 15. H. W. Baker, Ind., 16. Clarence Winget, So. Dak., 17. E. R. Clay, Ill., 18. Thos. H. Tindall, La., 19. Flora A. Smith, Kan.,, 20. Alfred Herdeloff, O. T. N., Mass., 21. J. A. Armstrong, Kan., 22. C. A. Shubert, O., 23. Nellie M. Love, Ind., 24. Bessie C. Delland, Mich., and 25. A. B. Howard, Ill.

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Image and related text prepared by Steven R. Shook


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