Historical Images of Porter County

Emil Anderson Lumber and Coal Hardware
Porter, Indiana

Date: Circa 1928
Source Type: Photograph
Publisher, Printer, Photographer: Unknown
Postmark: Not applicable
Collection: Gordon D. Rogers
Remark:  Emil Anderson is the man out front and to the right. Emil and Frank Wannegar, Emil's father-in-law, started their business in Frank's livery and later built the structures seen in this image in 1926. The estimated date of this photograph is late 1928 to early 1930s. In 1946, Emil Anderson sold his business to the Hokanson Brothers, and they renamed it Porter Lumber & Coal Company. Today [2014] the building is occupied by Tilden Enterprises. Tilden Enterprises retails janitorial, pool, and party supplies, as well as paper goods and chemicals.

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